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Monday, 6 April 2009


... he's gonna leave me for someone younger than me, someone who's "much more cuter" in his sister's opinion, someone who's more fun.

I don't know if I want to blame him. After all, he'd said the same things to me when I'd come in his life. I was his center of attraction, I meant the world for him, I was an apple of his eye. Then what is amiss so suddenly? Why does he do this to me? I can hardly fathom the reason for the distances between us. How did we grow apart... so easily? Is our relation so feeble that someone comes and and our love just drips dry? I have so many questions and he doesn't know the answers! Or does he... and he doesn't tell me? I'm a stranger now? So much so that we let the awkward silence do the talking between us?

There was a time when he shared his life with me. Every bit of it. Now, it is more of a ritual for him to spend the daily 2 minutes talk. And then we are back to being 2 stranger who hardly acknowledge the others' presence. I look deep into his eyes and they say nothing. I see no love, not even pity for me. I know he has outgrown me... he just wishes I wasn't with him. He wants to erase every memory, every moment that I've spent with him.He wants to write me off like a bad dream.

He's forgotten that it was me who stayed up till dawn waiting for him to get back home. He's forgotten that it was me who gave all his rants a silent hearing, not his mother, his father or his sister. Is he so heartless that he disregards all the good times we've had together? The long walks on the beach, the ephemeral hugs, the smiles that set me beaming?? All that gone.... just like that?

He hasn't told me her name. Infact he hasn't said anything at all... but I know it. One of these days, he's gonna leave me... let me go. I have to accept it however hard it'll be for me. Afterall, who cares for an old bitch like me?

* Bitch = Female dog.

Disclaimer :: I'd like to believe that this originated in my head while watching some gibberish, hindi movie...which of course, had no relation whatsoever to this piece. If you think you have read it somewhere, some blog/ book, then in no way I intended to plagiarize it. Mera khud ka material hai.


  1. nice! i haven't read it anywhere else! :D

  2. drama!! look at you PP :D

    acha ive reached my secret location - safe and sound. but i dropped my cel fone from the running train :(

    send me your number over email.


  3. nice...IMHO, very well written

  4. @ Rayshma,
    :) M glad.

    @ Jinu,
    Girl! what were u doing?? Sticking ur hand out, waving at the trees or something?? :P glad to know you reached safely at ur secret hideout. All the best with GMAT.

    @ Mithun & DDD,
    Gracias! :)

  5. quite emotional! a fiction full of life. luvd the description. u take care grl.

  6. @ Shaili,
    exam khatam?! :)

    @ Sawan,
    Thanks, Sawan n Welcome to my blog!


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