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Monday, 10 January 2011

No One Killed Jessica - Movie Myview

 I was eager to watch this one as soon as I saw the promos which seemed promising. I must say I was not let down. Usually I have low expectations from movies that are inspired by real life stories. This one turned out different though.

No One Killed Jessica, as you all might be aware, is a representation of the Jessica Lall murder case. So there is not much that I can further elaborate about the plot. It is a mix of fact and fiction, but this is as close as it can get to reality.

Kudos to the whole team who put this movie together. Portraying reality onto the screen is a tight rope walk, which was successfully carried out. As far as acting is concerned, Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan stand tall individually, and I couldn't make out who was better. While this movie might rekindle Rani's career life, Vidya Balan's managed to put up a worthy achievement in her resume!

About the movie as a whole -  Some found it slow, whereas I found its pace consistent and just enough to keep my interest level high. Since the audience knows the story, it is not about being hooked to find out what happens next - rather you look forward to know how the subject is being treated. And according to me, it is very well done. The movie highlights the influence of power and politics over justice, futile attempts of Sabrina Lall to ensure that the guilty is punished and finally the nation wide anguish and uproar against the so called verdict.

Not even for a single moment does the movie deviate from the subject and that's what makes it worth a watch. No One Killed Jessica is not an out and out entertainer, which makes you forget your worries back home and is certainly not light hearted movie meant to enjoyed over popcorn and drinks. This one makes you think and question our faith in legal system; even wonder in amazement how frivolous reasons can take your life just like that.

NKJ merits more than just stars.

Finally, a movie worth paying for. Do watch it.

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  1. i've to still get down to watching it... this weekend, maybe!


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