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Monday, 7 January 2013

First Post of the Year

Happy New Year to all! May this year bring peace, love and warmth of family and friends to us!

I have a good news right at the beginning of the year. My baby turned a year old! :D Isn't that fabulous? We had a nice little birthday party for her... complete with family and very close to heart friends. It was fun and heartening to have good people come and join us in this happy occasion. :) 

Although I have wished I could and would update my blog frequently, I have not done so. I am very bad at keeping promises made to self. I hardly feel bad about dishonouring myself. I know I sound like a stuck record, harping on forever about how I do not do anything about not being regular here. Hence, I found myself some solution. Instead of doing a whole month long blog marathon, I will do many mini-a-thons. That means, I will commit to write a certain number of posts for a certain number of days and stick to it. Does it sound like a plan?

I may start as early as this month! :) How happy am I making this announcement! :)

Look out! This page is soon gonna be updated!

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  1. Ha!Ha! Happy New Year! Hope you are able to update frequently and congrats on your little one turning a year older :) :)

    Best Wishes!


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