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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

28! Is it a big number?

I don't think so. I celebrated my 28th energetic year yesterday and loved every minute of it. And no matter how old I am or will be, I will always love gifts from near and dear ones. I'll let the pictures do the talking 'cause I am busy loving them. :)

On the birthday eve, I got chocolates from V and the family...

which were first claimed by

First thing on the birthday morning got flowers from the husband. I have told him it is ok if I do not get a gift from him, but flowers are a must. I think flowers enhance good moods. Their presence makes me happy. What do you think?

After a relaxed hamburger lunch at Red Robin, saw Special 26 (which of course, I loved). Aa allowed us to watch the movie in peace. :)

Evening we decided we need a cake and some friends to celebrate... 

...that's what's remaining of it now!

and the friends bought me this - Perfume and photo frame! Thanks, Alam, Arti and Vishal!  - I LOVED them!

Just when I thought my gift quota for this year was over, I received this from my parents today...

chocolate covered strawberries! yummmm.....

*I do not believe in shying away from your age. Shout it out loud. Let everyone know how many years you have been awesoming people around you. :)*


  1. Belated wishes :) :)You sure had a great time with your loved ones :) And age is just a number - it's just a state of mind :) You are as young or old as you think you are :D

  2. 28 ain't old. Don't ever think you're old. It'll mean I'm old too!!!

  3. Divya, you bet! Age is a good number. it tells you you are wiser.

    Nishanth, we are not old. :) we are forever young! :P

  4. Birthdays are for celebrating...Wish you a belated happy birthday!!!!


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