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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Aarnavi's words

Aarnavi's babbles are getting more and more meaningful by the day. Feels like it was yesterday that she said her first word. It was "bakabaa". No one knows what it stands for. Even today we are clueless. Everyone who knows her, knows "bakabaa" but doesn't know what it means.

Anyway, I though I should list out all the words she says now, most in Konkani, some in English. Wouldn't it be lovely for her to read when she grows up? So here goes

amma / mommy
annu/ daddy
ajja - grampa
aamanaa( supposed to be 'aanamaa') - granny (daadi)
taka taka - for her bua, Neetakka
mauma - granny(naani)
akka - didi
aNNa - bhaiyya
unkun - Uncle
aunty - aunty
mama - mama
mayi - mami
Deepi akka - Deepika, my niece who is her akka
Idhii - Ridhi, Deepi's sibling
baabu - baby
Umi mi - our house help who's name is Uma
Aanani/ Aananu - Aarnavi
kesu -hair
matte - head
doyo (stb dolo) - eye
patti - eyelashes
nank - nose
ga ga (stb gaalu) - cheeks
onto - lips
potti - stomach
bembi - belly button
jibi - tongue
dant - teeth
kaan - ears
haath - hands
paya - legs
botti (stb 'bot') - finger
phathi - back
nankut - nails
daapad - diaper
desssh - dress
bhamba - ornaments
kaakan (stb kankan)  - bangles
kookum - kumkum
di - give
nakka - don't
jayi - want
busha busha - bath
no no no
mobaay - mobile
good girl
Tinka tinka, oww aye onda - twinkle twinkle rhyme
kaakaamaamu - crow, or for that matter any bird
titi - light/ fire
ghakaa - home
mammam - snacks
bikki - biscuits
koko - lunch/ dinner
doodh - milk
chokit - chocolate (she doesn't eat any)
ada (stb 'uda') -water
ata (stb 'utha') - get up/ wake up
aniiiiiiiii - aaaaaaaand
pease - please
tenk ii - Thank you
appo/ abbho- when she wants to reprimand
ummeh - kiss
appyii - apple
ball for ball as well as for balloons
cat ((which was earlier called 'tac)
dog (which was called god until recently)
passi - purse
booku - book
Happy to aanaanu, o god bass oo - Happy birthday to Aarnavi, may god bless you!
tel - oil
Phiss-phiss - deo/ perfume
bussi - brush
pasthi - paste
paakaa - iPad
paint - nail paint
liptik - lipstick
baniyan - vest
cyca - cycle
Beem beem - Chota bheem
yo - come
aggi yo - come soon/ fast
hanga asa - it's here
kaanan - stb kanadaka - specs
one, two thee,sis,eig, nine, ten -  when asked to count cars
buchi - cattle
nayya - dog
shish - fish
tu-tu-tu - rooster
phuppi - flower
zhad - plants/ trees
kaapi - coffee
khappi - scratch
makandi makandi - makka di meaning give me some
bibi - cashewnut/ almonds
teek - hot as in spicy
hoon - hot as in temperature
shaeko - feeling hot
undoo - laddoo
aabiyya - sit down/ or when she wants to sit somewhere
pusss me - push me
toggu - down
makshi - back/ behind
bhyin - i am scared
taaaata - sleep/ sleeping/ go to sleep
aa paa - high five
owdodo -how do you do?
Singham - her toy
Ten nan for sheldon, her favourite toy baby
mogu mogu - love
bandh - close
see you
ayyayyoo - I love you too
okku (stb vakkad) - medicines
pip - clip
kad - take it off/ remove
ting tong - bell
aati - aarti
ehshee - AC
patta (stb padta) - fall down

That's some of many that I can recollect. She responds to questions and it is lovely to hear her speak new words almost daily. :)

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