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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Frankly Spooking

Of late, the amount of books I read  has dwindled considerably. I prefer short stories to 500 page novels. I prefer easy English over impressive words. Yes, my passion is slowly fading or rather it isn't as fervent as it used to be.

Recently I made conscious efforts to push myself into some reading. I ordered a few books on Flipkart. While some from established authors failed to impress me; the debut authors floored me. One of them was from a fellow blogger friend, Sri. Though he goes by the blogger name 'phatichar', there is nothing phatichar about his writing, be it his book or the BLOG.

You probably wouldn't pay much attention to the book at one glance. Neither would I have, if I didn't already know of the author's writing abilities. 

 This is how the cover page looks like.

Pretty morbid, if you ask me. And only when you read the book, will you know how well it compliments it. 

Frankly Spooking is a collection of short horror stories. Having said that, it is not main stream "Zee Horror show" type horror. These mini shockers send sweet chills down the spine. They are fresh, out of the box and twisty. Many stories will bring a smile on your face, just because they are so unique. You will certainly wonder - "How did he even think of this?"

Kindly do not expect scenes in the morgue or a graveyard or a haunted haveli. These stories are built in and around our daily lives - homes, offices, basement parking etc. That is the USP of the book. It is far from the stereotypical horror flicks that we are seasoned to. 

It is a refreshing change from all kinds of love and marriage market stories that are similar to each other. If you haven't yet got your hands on this book, you are definitely missing on some serious good stuff.

Frankly Spooking is worth that space on your book shelf. 


  1. Thank you Purnima for that wonderful, simple, and straight-from-the-heart review of the book. Touched. I don't know if I deserve all that praise. :)

  2. The book is truly different than what most books claim to be. It is simple and I liked it. Now it i up to the individuals to like it or not. It is my opinion that people should read it.


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