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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Why I no longer update my blog

1. Two kids

2. No energy

3. No time

enough said!

I know how painfully long it has been since I wrote something. And although I do not want to rant or ramble or justify my absence, I'll say one thing - I am tired of vigorously dumping this blog in the folded creases of my priority list. 

Husband says I need to have some patience and give it some time. How much time I ask. Two years at least, he says. 

Honestly, I lack patience. I cannot wait for two years to reclaim my blogging freedom. I miss connecting with this space, it's like I miss being myself even for a while. I know, I signed up for this motherhood thing, but is there a way I can enjoy a little of both? 

Let me not blame this entire lack of motivation/ time onto my two precious kids either. Since the time I created an FB page for my blog, I have been scared to update it. While I did very well know that strangers would read, I didn't anticipate how strange the strangers would be. No, I didn't have any incidents. The prospect however, that some person called "Sundar Sundar" with a murderous look on his dp, from a country which I had never even heard of, would even see my page was unimaginable. 

I am also thinking of getting myself a brand new page. I am so tired of blogger and its lack of excitement. I see all these interesting blogs (of varied topics) and I'm blown by how beautifully they are presented. Now being out of touch, I have to learn a lot! I mean A LOT! This takes time, which puts me back to square one, point 3. No time. Yet, I am determined this time to push myself beyond procrastination and past bedtime and work on it. 

I plan to keep the new page a little less personal and more where I can share and gather few bits of knowledge. This page will be functional too :) Cannot abandon it; I have got my feelings involved with this one ;)

If you read all this, then a heartfelt thanks to you! It's good to know I'm still in the running. Shower me some love, leave a comment. And I promise to keep y'all updated on my page. 

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