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Saturday, 28 March 2009

V, N, Me

Location n situation : V, my SIL, N, and me in a restaurant at Sg 3 yrs back.

V : Purni, we'll search for a nice groom for you here.

Me : uhh... I....

N : oh ya, Purni... we'll enjoy... with you n your family here too...then we'll even tell your parents to shift no?

V : yea yea... very. yea, get married after 8-10 more years.

Me : listen, I...

N : WHAT?? 10 more years? are you alright?

V : yes. I want her with me. Purni, ok no? 28-29 pe shaadi?

Me : arrreee...

N : :O!!! how can you tell her that? No, Purni, get married in another 3-4 yrs. You should also enjoy your life with your partner, u'know?

V : Nothing doing.... 7 years minimum.... Its ok....

Me : but arre, listen....

N : how come you dint insist on getting married to me after 7-8 yrs? afterall I and purni are almost the same age!

V : different for you.

Me : will you??....???

N : no wait, Purni!! how come? you have different set of rules? for each one of us?



... do you both realise that what you are arguing is about my marriage?

V & N : yes, of course...who else?

Me : Then, how come I'm not even asked at what age I want to get married????

V : gladly.... let us know... go ahead...tell this SIL of yours that u wanna get married at 28-29.

N : keep quiet. let her speak... go on tell... but let me remind you 24-25 best age.

Me : I don't know! I haven't thought abt it...I was ....

V : see what I told you... she's indecisive..i tell you 27....

N : No you shouldn't fill crap in her mind..she'll....

Me : siiiiigh *buried my head in the menu card and let the waiter come and interrupt*


  1. awwww!!!

    happens to ALL of us!

    and NO am not getting married for another 2 yrs now... so STOP ASKING ME THAT QN!! :P

  2. So, when ARE you finally getting hitched? :)

  3. hahahaha! all the 'status' updates prompted u to write this eh? :D

  4. i can so relate to here :0

  5. @ Rachana,
    now I certainly know with which question I should be greeting you! :) arre aise mat kar yaar, free khaana jara jaldi de naa..aise kya!

    @ Dewdrop,
    if I knew that I wouldn't be blogging, innit? but yes like all others I'll make it KNOWN... ;) whenever that happens...Ahem! ahem!

    @ Jinu,
    yep and the fact that me at Sg with my bro n SIL and they still keep arguing about what I should/ not wear, eat, sleep...etc etc.

    @ Shaili,
    hehehee... you are not alone and so isn't me and so aren't most 20 somethings. :O

  6. So did the waiter finally turn up??? Eagerly waiting for the epilogue!!!!

  7. Haha! And I thought parents and grandparents were the only ones who did this :D

  8. Hmm.. normal conv. among gals :p no..hold it!! hang on!! Aren't you married? I mean, kinda engaged or somethin like that?

  9. @ Nitin,
    waiter did appear dutifully and did me a huge favor for that moment. :) so thats abt the whole episode.

    @ DDD,
    :) yes, you are riiiight. But even brothers and sisters-in-law do it when they have nothing else to do.

    @ Ajan,
    log in to orkut and search for the answer to your question. :P

  10. i totally agree with V. there is no need to get married before 27 (and that's the SOONEST!)...
    and yeah.. finding a groom near Vs place is also a good idea!
    :D :D :D

    so, have you decided yet? :D

  11. @ Rayshma,
    I dunno abt 27 or 28 or 25 or anything... but def me not getting married near V's place. Sg is so hot, humid and unpredictably rainy, man! I can hardly stand the heat. :P :D


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