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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Frendz m'am?

All of you know Orkut, right? All of you also know *specially gurls* what kind of friendship requests we get? Taking a peak into some of the award-winning requests I got and the replies I'd have loved to give if I'd permitted myself to a little nastiness. Promise, I ain't making them up. I save them into my Gmail draft section. *I've hell lot of time to kill*

And so....

The II Runner-up:

he ihwana be friend?hhm wat u say?hmmm
A. hmmmmm...hmmmmmm ......hhhhhmmmmmmm....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

The I Runner-up:

Hi, I am SB from Mumbai - Peddar Road, as of now you don’t know me, I have send a Friends request to you long back, but dint hear from you, so thought let me give a small Intro about my self….So I am S - Born and brought up in Mumbai, after traveling across the entire world on various International Assignments, right now based in Pune, as Regional Head of an MNC for West India, just moved to Pune some 2 Months back..So that about me mam. So that’s a small description of me, now can we be friends mam !!!

A. uhhh... is this your introduction for a matrimonial site? If it is, I'll say, no girl in her senses will not NOT laugh at such puke-able English of yours. Get yourself a tutor first and call her Ma'am!

The Winner: *Request*


A. I ain't deaf... so please DO NOT SHOUT! You are 36(!!!!!!!) yrs, OLD AND MARRIED! How should that interest me? There's one thing though, that catches my fancy : You are plural?? and rightly said, you do a lot of much-much. Excooz me!

The Winner : *Reply*

hiiiiii, this iss Rahul.....naam toh suna hoga. add me plaese!

(All the shreya goes to Rayshma for the following brilliant come back)

A. yeah.. there are millions of you!

Despos, really! How they make us giddy with giggles! :P


  1. very true re purni.... infact i've seen profiles of many of ma frnds being riddled wid such silly frndz req... thnk God we know each othr frm the start... after reading this i wudnt want to send a frnd req to u... my inglis is very bad as u knw very well....rite?? :P

  2. hahahaa.... aww... u quote my reply! :D
    seriously.. HOW desperate can they get! i want to know if ANY girl actually adds such ppl!

    i'd got one a while back saying something like "we all r strangers till we are friends. so be friend pls?"

    then there are the usual... "ma'am ur photo is being nice. we are being friends pls?"
    and THIS.. after my status is married!
    i can only imagine the kinds u girls must get!

  3. ha ha ha ha ! temme abt it! :D my funniest was:

    "I guess you like to do sweet friends like me."

    and i was rolling with laughter!!!! i dont DO friends for God's sake!! :D

  4. lowed it... lol

    have some classics with me too, will fwd them to u soon :P

    have fun making fraaaaands :D

  5. Hi make frands with me? is the stupidest I have heard, and yah they range from silly to quite quite silly!! you made me laugh.

  6. I have def recd some funny requests... seriously... wish i had saved them as well though.. :(

    As I said the other day.. The 'Business Men' person(s) definitely is very much if he describes himself in plural... BTW, this plural thing actually possible... Well according to a book I'm reading anyway... The guy 'becomes 2 people.' So this Business Men might not be too far of the mark

  7. Amit: Yup, all because of that September meet that you gave us a slip. :P warna main bhi thodi tujhe add karti thi!

    Rayshma: arre, I LOL-ed when you wrote that for full 5 minutes. and that qualifies.

    n yea, 'nice pic. Friends?' stuff too. *siiiigh*

    Jinu: Heavens, no, neither do I 'do' friends.
    Classic was one of my fnd fm FC was asked "freindship deti kya?". I sed u shud've sed "haan, kitne main leta hai bol"... LOL but that wd sound too outlandish.

    Rachana: arre, apni bhi frandsheep kuch issi tarah se isshtart hui thi. So respect these bandes. DON'T laugh at them! X( :P

    Sujata: and many other nonsense too. yet another for me was "we are fm same city. wanna friends?" In that case I should wanna friends with the whole of Pune, no?

    Tejaswini: why am I hounded by Plural, MPD men????!! [read: valentine capers] *waiiiiiiiiilll* *sob* *sob*

  8. LOL re...Honestly the world is full of dumb desperate ppl... and honestly most of the guys get dumber by the day...

    Well its one of the reasons I dont have a profile online... esp on Orkut ...Man!! taking care of my angel is more than enough... no time to think out dumb replies to the dumbest requests!!!

  9. @ purni.. yea rite.. i gave the meet a slip coz my bike gave me the slip :D.. rembr i had an accident to be contented wid on dat day???

  10. i was outta orkut marathon ages back.. all despos there, i tell u! DO FRIENDS hahaha u're so funny! :D

  11. Maah Sishtaar in Loh! what you dng here? hehe.. not that you are not welcome. Very much come come here. ;)
    arre, there are maannnny more that haven't been mentioned here. will tell ya. come're. :D
    and ya, which of the two are you calling an angel. plz specify. muhahahaha...

    Amit: You think I forgotten that whole drama? Neva!

    Shaili: LOOONG TIME! where been u? missed ya!
    Yes biig time despos! But I rishpuct them bheri much...these online Romeos give me material for my blog. :D

  12. hmm...point well made...but i dont believe that only guys do this "wanna be fraands" routine...i've seen(n recd.) similar requests from females...but yes, there is an abundance of such requests to girls...

  13. Mithun, I don't mean to say that guys are waived from 'fraands' requests. Yup despo gals exist and they direct their bad grammar at the opposite sex.

    P.S. do they say 'hiii hendsum! can v fraand?' eww! LOL

  14. @ purni.. .wat drama re?? sach me mera accident honeka us din.... aur waise u add me on orkut b4 we decide that meet... :D

  15. arre tere accident ko Drama thodi bola maine. Drama was what me, Tj and Neha had to face at Wadeshwar, with water pouring from every corner, trying to locate you by looking at every chasma-ed guy and then finally cursing ourselves for not takin your cell number. ye drama se kuch kam hua?

  16. LOL. Some people are so-o-o active in the social-networking sites that I can't help but think that they must be totally SADLY dysfunctional in real society!

  17. This was hilarious. Thank god I'm not active on orkut :P

    And thanks for dropping by at my blog.

  18. @ purni... yea rite... drama queens u all.... :D

  19. Suchitra:: I was wondering if these kinds were born sad! Why else would they make our lives miserable? :) Such is social networking!

    ~nm:: Hey! Welcome. I was out of Orkut for some time too. But came scurrying back to it. Was very much tempted to come back to 'fraandseep' requests, u see. ;)

    Amit:: Now that you realise our worth... :P

  20. hehe, that made an interesting read, i am all LOL.thanks for sharing.I have heard many from my wife.:)))

  21. ZiLliOnBiG :: aah! so we r not alone dukhiyaari abla naaris to face this, eh? :) Seein you for the first time... Welcome!

  22. Hey Purnima, I am not plural, though I am much married...want to do frands with me???
    LOL, this was hilarious. Thank god I stopped being active on orkut.I am on fb but have not received any such weird requests. Sob, sob...nobody wants my sweet friendship i guess.

  23. Hi Ishita,
    Beautiful name you got there. One of my personal favorites. :)
    If you are married you are now 'double' and not 'single' or 'plural' either. :P
    And no, sadly, I don't DO/ MAKE fraand. Neither do I GIVE my freindsheep to anyone. :D ;) But I receiving request like I sed they are hot favorite blog materials. :D
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. :)

  24. LOL, loved 'em all.
    Post more re

  25. Ajan: after this I wonder if anyone will DARE send me requests! agar hoga toh nxt post jaroor banega.

  26. Interesting article Purnima. Yes you will find a lot of such characters whom I rather call 'Braad minded guys with narrow vision' ...and narrower grammar.

  27. Yup you said it. and in the very correct words! :)


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