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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

365 days and more to come

My blog completes a year today! :) This day, last year, around the same time or maybe it was later, with trembling fingers and unsure mind, I started blogging for the second time in my life. I made a small promise not to delete it given my eccentricity and natural pull towards deleting accounts when no one's looking. hee hee hee!

I had actually planned a supprize party for my blog. Was thinking of bringing in a cake with wordings "Happy B'day, Blog" and all. Obviously, my laziness outlived my enthusiasm. Secondary reasons though, were that I'd have to buy the cake, and gobble it myself, putting myself through the torture of gaining a whole kilo which is equivalent to that of the birthday cake... THE whole kilo that I have lost by parking myself in front of a glaring PC screen. I'd also thought of taking my sprinkled few close gals out for drinks (read: nariyal paani), with cameras capturing the odd s(l)ipping moments. But, where did my blog come into the picture? Exactly! nowhere! Heck, my sprinkled few close gals are strangers to my blog, just as I am to a Martian's pet feline from Neptune.

Speaking of strangers, have you ever had to experience an incident when you see a person you have talked with, cracked jokes with, laughed with and bitched about nothings with, yet, YET, cannot register when and where and how you know that person? Forgetting the name is not even on the list, because in the first place, you don't even know it? Felt guilty and embarrassed at the thought of approaching them and saying a "Hi, how do we know each other?", like you have worn pista-green pants with red and orange striped sleeveless collared shirt? Well, something like this happened to me... and I couldn't avoid the "upclose n personal" with the lady in question, at our common library. But, BUT, BUT, my dormant-until-now brain came to my rescue and before I could fumble for an excuse, my right side of the brain supplied the information to the left side of my brain... She was one of my french-class-attending-public.

Anyways public, coming to what I was saying... I cancelled out the large scale celebrations in view of the reasons mentioned above. However, small scale celebration did take place... I ate a small cup cake....well, half of it. Hatred for sweets was handed down to me as legacy.

Speaking of which, my mom was on a complaining spree since yesterday that not me, nor my father has touched the sweet dish she'd made for Dassera and it is lying in the fridge unattended. Thank god for the invention of fridges! No fridge would mean having to finish the sweet dishes made for whatever season, reason or festival in one day flat. Meaning more fights and morer weighty issues.

Weight? Wait! I was talking about the successful 365 days completion of my dear blog! If you have been reading me, rather my blog, from day one, you would know how many of my rants and nonsensical ramblings this blog had to endure. Not that it could do much about it, but it has complained in its own small ways... like saying "Could not contact blogger. com. Saving and publishing may fail...retrying"... and that statement has never failed to get me down on my knees praying for the blogger to cooperate. and cooperate it did... eventually... after I hit the "save" button with threatening furor.

Have you ever felt threatened by the things happening around you? Like I have been? Threatened... not like scary threatened. Threatened like challengingly threatened. Where you lose your several nights' sleep thinking how to emerge victorious? Where you indulge in scheming without realizing? Where you jump at a slightest provocation? Where you promise yourself that you won't sleep peacefully until you have had the chance to get even?

Even when I write all this, I still realise that I'm supposed to be talking about my blog. But whatodo? I have these timed chemical injections in my brain that just flow through my veins, pour out of my fingers onto the kb and eventually on the blog. It is an involuntary movement that I can hardly wish to stop.

So, here's wishing my blog a Habby Dabby Budday!! with lotsa mad, sad, happy grave, nonsensical, mature, idiotic, thought provoking moments to come in the future.

However, my (very close) proud blog moments were
1. When I meet one of my schoolmates at a friend's wedding and the second sentence she says "Your blog is lovely. You write well ya!" (This is a schoolmate, classmate rather with whom, I'd lost contact since our SSC result day)

2. When my interviewers ask me my writing experience and I quote my blog. They ask for my blog URL then n there, feed it in their browser and check it up in front of me and say "Impressive... I can see many people have liked what you have written!" and

3. One boring morning at the office, I find an exhilarating mail from Mahesh saying "We find your blog interesting and would like to feature it...."

Once again, Happy Birthday to my second term as a blogger! AND, here's wishing my blog commentors a "Happy Anniversary!!" 365 days of togetherness means a lot to me. You have been very encouraging, lovely, enthu, supporting, loving and a grrrrreat audience. I'm sure you understand the intoxication of a fully filled "comments" section. ;) Well, treat yourselves to a nice black forest cake, on my behalf, from Bakers' Basket while I go back to contemplating the risk of additional 1 kg.


  1. congrats..!

    and of course, happy b'day to the blog :)

  2. happy buddayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  3. A very very Happly Bith Day to d magnetic blog….!!!! It has bin fascinating me since when I’m a frequent visitor to it. I get inspiration from d blog to write intellectually. THE writing is superb n I understand it only when if I could concentrate. Once again Happy B’day to d blog n would like it to never forget to take breaths….:p

  4. hola! congratulations and birthday wishes to this highly entertaining blog :)

  5. congrats on first anniversary !

  6. Congratulations! Way to go Purnima. Happy birthday to your blog. And please send us some virtual cake.

  7. here's looking fwd to many more posts here! :)
    you write well.. have a fantastic SoH! and i'm so glad to have met you. really! :)

  8. Happy Bday dear blog and congratulations mommy of the year old blog, am sure you are proud of it!!the new look is great too, love the green and black combo, just make the font size a bit larger, getting old you see...

  9. @ Sands, Tj, Firoz, Mukta,
    Thks a lot, ppl! Blogging is fun bcz u guys read and gimme ur frank opinions.

    @ Antarman,
    Hey Thnx! n Welcome here!

    @ Aparna,
    Virtual cake...hmmm...sure u don't want a real one?

    @ Rayshma,
    Thx gal! Itz todally bcz of u that I'm playing my second innings. U made me miss blogging so much that I'd to get bk.

    @ Sujata,
    he he he...i loved being called my blog's momma. yep and the momma's proud!!
    I'll chk with the font for sure. Even I need to squint and read...that's basically bcz tis white on black. nyz a tip for u, if u do not know already... press Ctrl and scroll up on ur mouse to make the font size larger. Works everywhere. :)

  10. Congratulations! And best wishes for the continuity of the blogging journey!

  11. Thanks Basanta, for the lovely wishes!


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