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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 12 : Is this what I think it is?

She : Hello! Who is this?

He : He who cannot be named!

She : Ha ha ha ha... Shut up! Wassup? No work today?

He : Naah, just taking a break. Was a winding week. And hell lot of work. Waddup with you? Hope didn't disturb you, did I?

She : No. I was taking a coffee break. Gotta attend a meeting, another ummm.. 30 minutes or so. 

He : Hmmm... that's cool.

She : So, why did you call?

He : JLT. Been a long time, didn't catch up with you. So I thought I'd say a hi. 

She : Yeah, seriously... it's been a while. 

He : Can you meet me today evening?

She : Today? uhhh... wait a minute.. I think... no, yes, I can. Yes. We can meet actually.

He : No, if you have other plans then alright... nothing urgent... just wanted to say "I Love You!"

She : WHAT???!

He : And wanted to ask you if you'll marry me.

She : Hey....

He : And will you bear me and my idiosyncrasies for the rest of your life.

She : WHAT are you saying?

He : All this, I will ask in person. Be ready to say a yes. Will meet at our usual place at 7 PM. See ya then. Bye.

She had made up her mind. She knew what the answer was. She couldn't wait for the clock to strike 7. 


  1. wow..good to see you back with a sweet and feel-good post!

  2. wow..good to see you back with a sweet and feel-good post!

  3. loved this post the most...! Fantastic way to propose..! :D

  4. .... Ha ha ha... Sitting in train laughin my head off! ... Perfect it is, i say.... Kiska story re?

  5. Uma, Perception & Nishanth: Thx! :)

    Shrads: ;) i saw you lurking on my blog earlier today. :) thx, sweetie!

    Rach: glad u liked it! kisika story nahi hai... just made it up at 11:48 at night.

  6. This is so sweet and naughty at the same time. Beautifully written:)


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