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Friday, 29 April 2011

Day 13 : Golden Silence

Its wonderful to have music in your life. Most people love to have some kind of music playing when they are working, reading, cooking, thinking, rather while doing just about anything. Strange as it may sound, I am totally opposite. I cannot stand music when I am doing any of these things. I know you must be having horrific expressions on your face and a WHAT?! I like listening to music only when I am listening to it; like when I am doing nothing but me and music left alone.

Perhaps that's the reason I have no clue on what bands, groups or singers are making waves in the current market. Maybe I am just not interested. Hell, I couldn't tell Justin Beiber from Rihanna! I prefer the silence to engulf me than have music playing around. I just cannot concentrate. I even turn off the radio if it is on. I don't know what percentage of people are like me; I am sure there are very few of them, and I certainly am to meet one of them. 

I love the silence, the solitude. I love being occupied with my own thoughts and no one disturbing them. At such times, music is not a therapy for me, silence is. The only thing I can do while I am listening to music is drive. Other than that zilch. 

I remember, when I first came to US, all that I heard was silence. Pin drop silence couldn't have been better explained. I just sat and listened to the peace and solitude. I loved it. Many good wishers suggested that I should listen to music on high volume to avoid feeling homesick. I never did that. And nor did I feel homesick. I was finally happy to have complete absence of noise. 

Even right now, there is a gentle hum of my laptop and click-clack of keys. Now that's what I call music. The definition of music changes from person to person. For me, it is in the silence that fills me in. Its in the thoughts that run through me unstirred, its in the gravity that silence provides me.

Love, life, silence - for the moment, I am enjoying all three!


  1. I too require and appreciate my silence at many times although I have combined music with other work, not as a habit,rather it never bothered me much.

  2. to each his own ...

    As for rihanna and bieber, bieber is the prettier one..

  3. Uma: I find it embarrassing when people talk to me about music bands which I never knew existed... MTV India fills me with bollywood music whenever I am switching channels. lekin I'm happy the way I am.

    Perception: Very true. That's why I have never tried to change my ways. :D will google up these two. :P :D ;)


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