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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 14 : One Saturday Morning...

... when you wake up feeling all relaxed at 10 AM and you find the day shining like never before, wind blowing through your hair, breakfast with coffee ready and waiting for you, laundry done, puja done and clean kitchen, you feel life's good. Really good!

:) Ah! Wishing every Saturday morning would start as perfect as this one.


  1. These days almost ALL my days start like this... only diff being weekdays 9:00 and weekends 11:00 :D

  2. did you hire a manfriday?

  3. Well saturdays are generally good, its the monday mornings i wish were different..

  4. Please tell me how? please dnt tell me it's ur hubby, else i'll go green with envy!

  5. Namratha: :D auwsome! May the blessed mornings continue!

    N: I sometimes have no clue what u talk abt!

    Perception: Yeah!! Mondays are most difficult.

    Uma: Who else, dear? Who else? :) ;)


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