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Saturday, 17 March 2012

April or November?

Its been a while since I really got down to writing. Earlier, I'd spend the whole day lazing in front of the lappy, choosing right words, adding, deleting, embellishing my posts. Now that hardly happens; given the very little time period alloted to me for pouring out my mind.

Sometimes I really wish we had some sort of cord that could connect the brain to the PC. Just like camera or card reader. I'd just plug it in the slot and everything would be transferred and posted on blog. Easy?

Well, just like the previous year, I plan to do the blogathon. Yeah, I am enthusiastic about it! Although am a bit confused. I wanna do it in the month of April, but am unsure if I can sit down to do it. Lemme admit, doing 30 posts one after another is not a joke. Its a commitment that needs to be fulfilled.

I still have a fortnight or so to decide. So lesse!

If I don't do it in April, I will do it in November. I don't know why, but I keep screaming "NOVEMBER" in my head.

So, April or November? Help me decide. :)


  1. WIth a baby at home it won't be easy. Trust me am saing this from experience so November it is :)

    1. hmm... I know... and I'll be travelling too + attending a family function... so one vote for November!

  2. If Aarnavi is a sweet kid that goes to sleep for 2-3 hrs at a stretch then you can probably try April, else just wait for some more time :-)
    IMO and experience, mothers get some respite only after they turn into toddlers. And even then, just some respite :-)
    Good luck with the Blogathon!

    1. she does sleep... but as I mentioned in the earlier reply, it will be a bit difficult. 2 down! Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Purnima- so nice to have you back! You were one of the "thinking" people among my followers! Thanks for coming back. HOw is the baby? What is her name. And all the best for the blogothon ie if your new boss ( the baby) permits!


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