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Friday, 8 June 2012

Home Sweet Home

Greetings from the US of A! Yes, we reached here safely and have almost settled. The journey was not smooth. With Aa crying for an hour during the first flight drained all our energy and enthusiasm! Anyway, this post is not about the past. It is about reveling in the present and looking forward to the future.

I am in love with the house. It is bigger, better and lovelier than our previous one. I am having a gala time decorating it. This time we have rented a 2 bedroom apartment (since my folks are here) and anyway here they have some rule saying only 2 people live in one bedroom apartment. Even if you have a baby, you are supposed to rent a 2 bedroom apartment. Yeah, totally :|, I know!

Husband is over the moon to finally see Aa and me. Due to the AI strike, we were unsure of flying, before finally cancelling the tickets and making a fresh booking on Lufthansa. Aa also took to her father pretty soon and awarded him with a heart melting smile as soon as she saw him.

I am already missing homeland - its sights, sounds and smell. Doesn't mean I am not happy here. I had a welcome back feeling when I landed.

All in all, I am genuinely happy after a very long time. And I hope to stay that way, being happy and spreading happiness.

So, I have been all talk about doing a blogathon this year too. Good news is that I shall soon be embarking on the month long journey. This time, promising all the readers word posts and picture posts too. Now there is so much I can (and have to) write on.  I shall start as soon as I get my husband's much needed support. :) Yeah, he pushes me to do things when I am lazy. :)

Hoping that you will stay with me on this journey, reading, encouraging, commenting on posts and giving me suggestions too. Although it seems pretty simple, it takes a lot of determination and mental energy to keep going on. I need assurance that the blog's being read. Do not shy to voice your opinion on the matter. All blogger swear by the importance of getting even a single comment for their posts. You do not necessarily have to agree with or like what I say. Different points of view add dimensions to a subject that can be explored.

Keep your eyes on this space. There shall be Fb updates of course. See you then!


  1. wow..finally the blogathon is near :-)
    enjoy the new phase :-))!!!

  2. I had a baby in teh US and we rented a 2 bedroom apt even before we had a baby so trust me when i say - you need a two bedroom apt. Once the baby starts walking you will realize that extra space is good. Crib, dresser, box for the toys andother one for books, diapers, wipes, medicines, stroller, high chair, bottles, sippy cups, spoons and plates (well if you not crazy like me you will just the adult spoon but I had baby spoons and plates in all colours and forms, they are just too cute to not buy!) the list goes on. Enjoy the little one- this stage goes by very quickly!

  3. Loved the positivity of this post :)

    We stay in Mumbai and due to rents and all my Hubby wanted to move into a one bedroom apartment but I somehow was never comfortable with it :)

    Anyways hoping to read more from you specially about the L'lle one because I there are millions of things that they do daily and are worth reporting :)

  4. Great to know that the family is together! Where are the pictures?

  5. Uma : Yes, I can see my blogathon very clearly. Just be there with me as always. :)

    SJ : My baby is still not into walk mode, yet the house looks like an explosion of junkyard!!! I am thankful for the extra space.

    And how can I not have baby stuff??? I keep cribbing to my mom that you never bought me colourful stuff. So it makes sense that I buy them for my baby. hee!

    Smita : Hey, thanks for the compliment!

    I can so understand not being comfortable with ummm.. uncomfortable house! Even I had marked some areas and houses here where I absolutely DIDN'T want to live.

    My blogathon will host many Aa stories. :)

    Sujata : Yes, the family is reunited! and are we happy! Will certainly post happy happy smiling family pic! :) and Welcome back to blogging and visiting blogs. :)

  6. welcome back, girl!! :) here's looking forward to all the stories and pics - here, and on FB! muah!

  7. Best wishes for happy times in the new place you have now settled.US is a great country and you will like it very much.Which state/city?
    Looking forward to your regular posts.

  8. yeah, :-| for the 2 b/r rule... n waiting eagerly for the blogathon... :)

  9. Rayshma: Thanks! :)

    Kp Sir: Thank you so much! We are at Arlington Heights, Illinois.

    Namratha: soon, soon, soon!


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