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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Multiplied Smiles

My Aa completed 6 months yesterday. Half a year already??! That's fast! It's like I have blinked and suddenly she's this big. This is what happens with kids, eh? They grow up? Just like that?

The months that have gone by since January have been life changing for me. I have experienced pain, love, fear, sorrow, joy, and many ups and downs. I have learnt what sacrifice means. I'd never imagined that I'd survive sleepless nights. Or that I'd send the weight machine panting under my kilos. Parenthood can change a person in so many ways!


we thought of celebrating Aa's 1/2 birthday with some fruit cake, which obviously was gonna be gulped down by her parents and grandparents.


But since I am such a sweetie mommy, I decided that Aa does deserve a piece of her cake for all the hard work she puts in for rolling over and trying to crawl.

and she is happy about it too!

and so are her parents - happy, proud and smiling!
For more pictures and better captions, I hope you are connected to me on Fb! (This is not an open invitation to those who are not! :P)

Blogathon update : Was toying around with the idea of staring the blog marathon with this post. That's when I decided to go ahead with it and conveyed my intention to the husband. As thoughtful as ever (and perhaps a better analyst of situations), he said I should wait since we are planning a trip to St Louis, MO (YAY!!) this weekend. "And I am in no way guaranteeing you the Wi-fi connectivity there. You might not be lucky always." 

So yes, I too agree with that. I am in no mood to disappoint myself and readers. In fact, I am gonna start with the month long commitment on 1st August 2012 - 31st August 2012 . How's that now? No estimates! Only promised dates! (Yeah I sound like some side-y advertisement) 

P.S. Parents are leaving on 31st July. I am hoping that doing a blogathon then will be thereupatic.


  1. YAY!!! the blogathon finally got some visibility :-)))
    LOved the new look of the blog, the fresh and cuuute update and of course the photos of Aa..:-)
    hold on to do grow up fast when you begin to enjoy parenthood ;-)
    Now, as a reward for being a good girl and trying to keep up your promise, you are going to get a gift from out for the next update on my space :-))

  2. your gifts are awesome! :) and yes, I thought it is better to announce a specific time to the bltn than say "soon enuf".

    I think this is the right time to enjoy kids and cuddle them as much! I'm loving this phase of hers.

  3. The pictures and your words make the joy you feel plapable :). God bless always.


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