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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 19 :: Cook-a-doodle

Cooking is not my favourite activity. In fact, if it acts like a stress buster for many, this activity is the main cause for stress in my life. Si if you see black circles under my eyes, it is most certainly the cooking.

Having made such catastrophic statement, that too being a woman; let me say that it is highly stereotyped that all women love cooking. I dislike it. I think cooking a meal that too everyday is a pathetic way to hell. It is my personal feeling though. I certainly do not intend to say that anyone who loves it, are pathetic. Believe me, I love eating. Not quantities though. I like the process of eating, but let's not get into that now.

Before marriage, there were all kinds of excusable reasons for not entering the kitchen. However once you are done tying the knot, you are expected to be the masterchef.

It is not to be mistaken that I cannot cook at all. I do manage to dress up the table with a decent meal and at times tasty too. I find it too tiresome to tax myself thinking day after day "what to cook?". I truly can never come up with something myself. I have to resort to cook books or the net for the same. If we are having guests at home, I'd be thinking hours and hours for one dish. My brain somersaults at the thought of cooking!

Give me a blank page and I will write something decent, but give me 5 ingredients and I will be running around in circles. There are a lot of women out there, who are enthused about cooking. Some even have blogs dedicated exclusively to their kitchen encounters. People might think that I am jealous of such bloggers. But no, I truly appreciate their patience to record and take a snap(!!!) of each and every step. In fact, I think "hmmm.... wouldn't it be nice if I could eat this right away?"

Like I mentioned earlier, I am a foodie. I watch cookery shows like a true chef would. I see every step attentively, every measurement accurately. At the end of the show, I'd be saliviating. Only if you ask me what went into making a delectable dish, I'd probably shrug off in reply because I never really paid attention to how it was done, rather I was busy thinking how nice would it be if someone made this for me!!!!

My mom thinks it is shameful that instead of mending my ways, I shamefully admit that I hate cooking. But where is it written that women should be passionate about cooking? It's just that I am not. That's it. I think it is better not to decieve myself of this wayward truth of my life. I do make something to eat everyday, don't I? When I invite people over, even though I spent ample amount thinking than on the action, I do it. It's not that I blatantly refuse to cook.

And one more thing, there have been more misses than hits in my kitchen adventures. I do not mind saying that even, openly. Hence, the displeasure.


  1. "My mother was a good recreational cook, but what she basically believed about cooking was that if you worked hard and prospered, someone else would do it for you" - Nora Ephron

    This line sort of sums up my philosophy about cooking :-D (Just don't tell my mom, now)

  2. is Nora ready to cook in my kitchen?


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