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Monday, 27 August 2012

Day 27 :: Don't You Dare

This incident took place on shuttle bus from the aircraft to terminal at the Mumbai airport.

I was 6.5 months pregnant then. Naturally I got a place to sit, while the husband was standing beside me. The lady next to me noticed the tattoo.

"You are 'Purnima'?" she asked.

I nodded a yes.

"Can I take a closer look at it, if you don't mind?"

Husband nodded a yes.

"Can I touch it?"

Husband put forth his arm. (bear in mind the tattoo was still raw and the arm was swollen)

"Did it pain a lot?" - lady

"Not much." - husband

"Are you very happy he did that for you?" she turned to me.

"I really respect his feelings but I don't like to think about the pain he'd to endure."

"What does your mother in law have to say about this?"

"Umm, nothing. She didn't say anything."

"She must hate you."


"I am a mother myself. And I am thinking from a mother's point of view. I couldn't bear it if my son had to undergo such pain."


"Look, your husband must love you a lot to do that for you. He does! You should not hurt him ever in your life. Never ever! Do you get that?"


I was flabbergasted. Some unknown lady and she lectures the pregnant me. But she wasn't wrong. KK loves me a lot and he doesn't need a tattoo to tell me that. (although having one gives me thrills)


  1. oh, my! that was one possessive mom talking! frankly I'd have felt offended at some third person commenting thus.

    1. hey, I'd have felt offended if not the woman's funny demeanor! She was like one of those ladies in movies?? cant explain how that goes.

      Believe me I made a face when Kiran's aunts passed comments. I hated that (and maybe in some sadistic corner of my mind loved it too) ;)

  2. Hahaahahahahha... That must have been :O
    Been a while since I visited the blogging world.. mera to chod hi do, but haven't read yours either. So catching up today


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