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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 29 :: I'm almost there

It's almost time to wrap up my Blogathon of this year. I don't want my last post to be concluding one, so this one just jumps in now.

Doing the Blogathon was a biiig decision. But I still wanted to go ahead with it. It was a self imposed challenge. It seems very easy and doable at first, and I fairly had an idea of most if the posts that I wanted to include. However, what I blindly assumed was that I'll have plenty of time to sit in peace and at ease as before. I took for granted that nothing could go wrong.

The main obstacle in this whole event was that my lappy's screen's gone kaput. Now connecting the unit to the tv and enabling wireless keyboard and mouse was not such a great task as was trying to keep Aa away from the whole set up.

We hence decided that I would do the posts while KK took Aa out for a walk. Now, I have married a Software Engineer; it is unethical that I even presume that my baby will be taken out everyday.

Since that was not happening, I had to blog when Aa retired for the day. This usually happens with her on my lap, just like right now. Thank god for Apple products!

I am not as satisfied with my Blogathon this year as I was with the previous one. I like to take my time thinking and writing and rewriting my stuff until I am satisfied with it. This time it wasn't so. I had to try and get it in first shot, which I don't think I have succeeded each time. :(

I haven't been able to reply to the comments lately. I shall hopefully do it soon. I do not like ignoring any comment.

KK has been very very supportive and I couldn't have thought of doing this without him. Frankly, once my parents went, I had cold feet. I wanted to back off and say a timid bye to my commitment. That obviously didn't happen, all thanks to the husband.

I am happy that I am seeing the end of this month long journey. It was a pleasure and pain too! :) But that doesn't mean I am not doing one next year. I most certainly am willing to.

See you tomorrow. Two more to go!


  1. Well done lady. When you said blogathon I had my doubts. Taking care of AA without help [u know what i mean] and juggling housework,cooking and a blog. I was like,"really"?
    Applaud applaud....even though blogs were late and way past midnight sometimes , you still did it. Never said i wanna go sleep let me do it tomorrow.
    Two more days and i look fwd to those posts.

  2. awwh! pbbbbtttt... my posts were like at deadline 11 55... thanks to Aa! bUt yeah am happy i did something...


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