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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Peeping Up From The Mundane

"I was busy." seems like a valid reason to many questions regarding one's whereabouts, online or even in the real world. I, for one, have always believed that it is just an excuse for not doing something.

Like now, in my current situation, where I have immersed neck deep in motherhood, I still think being busy is just a term/ an excuse to not do something. And for me, it's totally got to do with my laziness. I wished a 1000 times that I would blog, or read a book or do something craftsy, or walk the treadmill. Alas, I have just kept wishing. 

This brings me to a whole lot of things that I have just let go and not shared on my space here. 

Thanksgiving is just over and we had some wonderful family time. It's always been the three of us here and over this holiday, we bonded and shared fun times. I realize that to make you feel good, special and happy, you don't need many friends or too many people... one right person, and you are settled for life. And this year, although with the tight budget, we bought a few things... splurged a little to make ourselves happy. Will blog about it soon. 

I get feedback from readers, not just the comments, but elsewhere, saying that they read my blog. Some say they read because I make them laugh, some say they relate to it very well, some say they look forward to my next blog post and often want to know when I will be doing so. I am so touched and humbled to get such beautiful views over my blog. No doubt, I love it when I am writing, but the feedback heightens the excitement. 

Also a lot of you have mentioned that it is difficult to comment on the blog and that you have not been able to do it. I truly do not know how fix that thing... so sorry for that snag. Hope it will resolve in the near future.

I am very much looking forward to the December month. Guess what it brings? Snow, memories and this year, as my god sent Christmas gift, V is gonna come visiting. Life couldn't get any better when you look forward to amazing. I know I am in for some awesome fun time. 

And time flies fast don't you think? Aa is already almost 11 months old and I cannot believe it. I have been given the entire responsibility to put together her birthday. I am pleased as a pie! There was a time when I used to have my birthdays celebrated and here I am planning for my daughter's. I feel older wiser. ;)

Well, that's all much I can think of at this moment to update. More posts will be seen soon. :) Promise.

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