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Monday, 11 March 2013

The Sushi Bit

Some crazy weeks are behind us. There are a lot of things immigrants like us won't tell. The one thing that keeps hanging on our heads like a sword is the visa thing. Especially when it is nearing its expiry date. All the action begins then. Application for extension, mental preparedness to leave the country in case of rejection, selling out all the gathered stuff, dealing with the leasing issues...

Fortunately, as I write this, I realise that everything is sorted out. Well, at least for the time being. We have moved to another apartment. It was a difficult task considering I have this active toddler who wanted to supervise and screen every item that was to be packed. It's just a matter of time before we start packing again to haul ourselves back to India. :) 

To celebrate a little, which we hadn't in all the time that we were involved in planning and packing, we decided to eat out leisurely. My husband has been going ga-ga over this Sushi place since last year. Knowing that sushi is raw fish, I never had the courage to try it out. However yesterday, I managed to get over my reservation. 

We went to Sushi Ai

I ordered a drink called Saki-Tini, which was vodka and saki, garnished with strips of cucumber

and these were what we ordered

This was Dragon something. Although the snap doesn't look all that impressive, when it came on the table, it was covered in blue flame, looking brilliant.

and the orange one at the back was crispy rice sushi, with Tuna. The yellow one was called Mini Me. It was spicy tuna rolled over Octopus.

I apologise if that killed your appetite. I like to try out new things and octopus was on the list.

Sushi is served with soy sauce and wasabi sauce (the two to be combined). The spotlight was the wasabi sauce. It is highly pungent. There is no other taste or flavour to it. Or rather, the pungency hits so hard that you concentrate hard not to choke on it. Once you bite into a dipped sushi, it's like mini nuclear bombs go off in your mouth, climbing up the nasal cavity. It was super duper pungent.

Having said that, I have no recollection of how the Sushi itself tasted. So whether it was tuna or octopus or crispy rice, all I can gather is the small puffs of steam that left my ears.

I wanted to try some more and enjoy the experience a bit, if not for Aarnavi, who decided to be unusually fussy and irritable. Even after being fed, she was in no mood to let us eat in peace. We managed to gobble up the rest and head home. Sigh!

All in all, it was something I will never forget. Honestly, I don't know if I'll try another  sushi for a long time now. ;)


  1. I have always been skeptical about sushi - but I tried it once and liked it :)

    1. I think I like it too... will go again to make sure. :)

  2. Glad you tried the sushi. Your bro too would have a story to tell about his experience with sushi.
    Good that you enjoyed ( or didn't) due to wasabi. I remember the first time i tried it. I had no clue about the cuisine and dipped my prawn into it as if i were dipping dosa into chutney. You can just let your imagination rule as to what the hell happened next ;-)

    1. Now that I think about it, I really did like the experience. I guess you had the wasabi like I gulped raw vodka at D's birthday! :)

  3. Wasabi and soy are meant to kill the horrible taste of the sushi itself!

    1. Maybe so. I did not taste the sushi at all. Wasabi was busy exploding.

  4. Courageous- i think it would sum it up all !

  5. :) Thank you! True, but I was getting scared for no reason! :)


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