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Monday, 3 March 2014

Crafting beyond words

Whenever anyone asked me about my hobby, my answer has always been - "I like to read." Even though I have said it aloud with conviction, I have always felt lame within. I am not as well read as so many other people. There are so many popular classics that I haven't yet read. But for the lack of any other "interest", I have found solace in saying so.

Till date I have disregarded my interest for crafts - nothing main stream but I have always loved the smell of glossy paper and glue. Glitter and stones fascinate me to no end. But yes, I have far from acknowledged them staunchly. It happens, perhaps for the fear of being labelled as the one having interests in banal things. What I realise today is that these so-called banal things give me happiness. Creating something out of which seems like useless trash gives me a high. Over the years, I have made/ transformed things during boring afternoons only to be dumped into the corners of the showcase, where no one pays much attention. 

Today they are all going to be limping out of the showcase on to this blog. 

I am creative and like to create rather than follow the rules and do what is supposed to be done. Even during school times I wondered why we didn't have as many crafts periods as other subjects. 
These two, I made back in school days. As you can see they are worn out.

Both made out of discarded materials.

The boring black chappals glammed. (these are pics of pics, so the image quality is not all that great)

And then some glasses that were transformed

I was in class 6, when my cousin sister tried to teach me how to crochet. I could as much learn to make crochet chains. However I found it difficult to grasp the intricacies of joining two chains and I left it at that. Until a few months back when I discovered Pinterest an d some really awesome crocheted stuff that made me grab that hook again. I am teaching myself to crochet through you tube videos and here are some of the stuff I made, all thanks to those wonderful tutorials.
The first ever beanie hat I made for no one in particular. Aarnavi isn't too fond of caps, but I made her model it for me. (It lasted full 2 seconds!)

and so I decided to gift it to my best friend's daughter, Riddhi! (who as you can see has gladly worn it)

and then some Granny squares sewn together


it is a total of 9 squares

Then there is this ripple shawl which is taking me a long time to complete. Thanks to my 2 yr old toddler who kept tangling my yarn

or probably because it is this long!

This waffle stitch purse

The latest I made is this ruffle scarf!

"Creating is never about its perfection. It's the peace of mind that it gives you."- was my comment to a friend's painting on FB. How true is it! It is always about the satisfaction and the happiness it gives you! 

and yes, so while my blog is temporarily being ignored, I am indulging myself in some other interests of mine. And thanks to all of you who expressed concern about my blog and asked me why I have not updated it in a while.

I will never stop writing, excuse the pauses.


  1. Wow! You're good :-) I can't do all this to even save my life! For me, reading is the only hobby I have apart from the occasional penning down of some thoughts....Great work!

  2. Wow...those are pretty creations! Time to give vent to another talent of yours? I haven't been a regular myself, not even reading :-(

  3. Love your pretty scarf Purnima! That looks very professional... you are a pro! :)

  4. Wow!! You are really good!!! I liked the cap , the squares and the vases!!! I wish I had some artistic sense like this.


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