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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The nail biting eve of Blogathon 2014

On the eve of my 30 days long blogathon journey, I thought I should do a post summarizing on what the blogathon will be all about. It's more like a ready recknor for me than for you!

First a little on why I do a blogathon. My inspiration for a blog marathon comes from one of my favourite authors, Preeti Shenoy. She does a blogathon every year and it is difficult not to gain inspiration from her posts.

Secondly, it is a biiiiiiiig challenge along with being a wonderful learning process. Staying connected with readers for 30 consecutive days is a delirious feeling. There is some sort of responsibility towards my blog and readers when I am doing it. It is a commitment to be fulfilled.

I am taking up this year's blogathon on an impulse. Ain't I always impulsive! Along with my personal experiences, I am thinking of introducing a recipe post (to motivate me into cooking something with real interest), a photo post and a gyaan post (unsolicited advice that I usually don't give in person :P) - just one per week. I met a lot of people, wished I could unmeet some, been on happy, sad, had first time experiences, had not so first time experiences but they felt new - all such things are featuring in the blog marathon! And, of course, anything else that catches my fancy.

I know I am pushing myself into some difficult times ahead. I am so not ready for it, and I still want to do it badly.

Well, hoping you all stay with me and motivate me in this long stretchy journey of 30 days. See you tomorrow!


  1. Best wishes!I am looking forward to read your posts.When does it start?

  2. Thank you so much Sir! Right today is the auspicious beginning! :)


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