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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Day 1 :: Re-introduction

This was me then...

and this is me now!

The years that have gone in between these two pictures were great teachers. They have transformed me from something that I was, to something else that I am today.

I am older, fatter and definitely less innocent than I was. 

The earlier picture dates about 10-11 years back. That was a period of innocent beliefs and arrogant adamance. An age where I was sure I could control my destiny and swing it the way I wanted it to. A time when I thought things were not subject to changes. It was a time for taking things for granted!

Now obviously, personal myths have been busted. In these years, I have fallen flat on my face, eaten my own words, suffered betrayals from friends, had to confront some harsh realities - in general, life started happening! They were bad alright, but I learnt some valuable lessons. With ego bruised and heart broken a few times, I have turned a lot more tolerent towards people and situations. 

Likewise, good days have also contributed to bringing changes in me. Finding a job that I liked, falling in love, getting married, motherhood, changing houses, making new friends - each stage gave me immense pleasure and a new boost to lead the gift of life. 

We keep changing... day after day, year after year. I may be the same person in the picture, but still I am not the same. Pictures can only catalogue the way you looked once and the way you look now; but only you can feel and live the changes that you underwent. 

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  1. Change is constant in human life but the person at heart remains the same, wiser and shrewder than before from the lessons learnt.One cannot be an innocent and adamant girl always.One must grow into a young woman,finding a soul mate,becoming a mom,having many kids,their upbringing and well being and eventually turning into a grandma enjoying each phase as it comes.Life is learning to enjoy each moment.


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