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Monday, 2 June 2014

Day 2 :: Initial Jitters

And today I was called to Aarnavi's school to collect these

Oh yes, it is time for Aarnavi to start school. Parents who have gone through this stage will certainly understand my state of mind. I am excited, nervous and above all, frightened.  I do not want to be scared but I am. Is it a part of being a parent? And I do not know as to particularly what I am scared of. I guess this fear stems from the insecurity that I have to leave my child at the hands of strangers, albeit for a few hours.

The school upholds a very good reputation among the parents, who have sworn that Euro Kids has been one of the best experiences in terms of child development. Hence I know for sure that my child is in good hands. The school is close by too. 

It is a new chapter in her life and ours too. Aarnavi is over the moon seeing her school stuff and wants to hold her books and bag. I am excited too but for this frivolous fear. 

There are some 12-15 more days for her first day. So wish me luck till then. My lill girl's gonna grow up!


  1. Goodluck Purni :) She'll be fine :)

  2. All the best, Purnima! didn't know you came back for good :-)


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