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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day 10 : Aarnavi's First Day at School

Today was a big day for Aarnavi and for me and KK too. Her school starts today, and we were as excited as was she! Since the day of enrolling her in the school, I have been conditioning her about the school - what it is, who she gets to meet there, what do the teacher do, what she will learn etc.
Ready to go!

She happily went inside, looked at all the toys and squealed in excitement, and called out to me.
As soon as she entered the school premise

Enjoying the uppp-downnn

After 15 minutes of letting themselves be, we were all ushered in the class room. Though the class lasted only for half an hour, it was fun to see kids of different temperaments come together under one roof and explore the new environment and each other. Most were friendly and involved into the activities, some seemed visibly upset, some never left their mother's sides! All in all it was fun to be there and experience it all!

Aarnavi cried because we told her it was time to go home! She loved it there. Yes it remains to see how she will hold up without me there - which is gonna happen the day after tomorrow.

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  1. I have been following your posts off and on. This one was really sweet. I can't believe your little one is now old enough to go to school. Glad she liked school. Mine did too ( and still does)


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