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Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 27 :: Guest Post By Yatika

Yatika! One of the two crazy girls that I recently met. She writes, but yet t have a platform of her own. Though I am pushing her to get one, she is yet to heed to my advice. Hence, i proposed that she feature on my blog as a guest blogger, and here's what she has written on being a new girl in a city and successfully completing 1.6 years at an IT company!

Wishing her all the luck and good times in future!

Yatika's Post

It all started precisely one year and six months back. This ordeal was no less than joining an Army Camp. A girl with no hopes of standing on her feet came to this city. She was shy and scared. It was her first day to get up early by her own. It was her first day to iron her clothes all by herself. It was her first day to fetch a bus herself. It was her first day in IT Company. It was her first day to live independently. There was shriek inside the girl's heart. She was astonished by a new city, a new experience and a compeletely new life that she would live fearlessly now. She was friendly yet cautious. The year passed and so did she; she passed the test of being independent. The actual ordeal starts now. She is not a mommy's girl. She is not that happy-go-lucky girl. She is mature now; understands people; fights for herself; follows 'Ignorance is a bliss' quote religiously. She knows what to do and when. She knows it all. 
Now that she has all the rights to spoil herself a she is the owner of her deed, she is really confused. She doesn't know where she is going but she likes the direction. She is just going with the flow. She is standing at a junction from where there are multiple roads. All of them tempt her. She is happy to go anywhere. But..ohhh..She doesn't have the ticket. She has to earn it. She has to choose the best road for her. She has to analyse what she is good at. She has to find her talent that is still under wraps. She has to walk this road all alone. It's her responsibility now. Family, Career and Passion: Which one to choose? Answer: Just go with the flow. If she wants to choose one then she has to put her best foot forward. it's not a cake walk. She is thinking and she is thinking a lot. Everyday she changes her mind. She is not able to focus. The final verdict is in her hands and she has to live upto it and then life would always be 'la vie en rose' Somebody said some wise words to me. 'Each and everything in life is compensated. If you do good, you will get the best and if you are being bad then worst is waiting for you in the other room.' I am waiting for my 'best'(I hope its the best only..fingers crossed) to come soon.
Well..that's how life is. We run, we fall, we rise, we fall again, we learn, we try again, we drift away the dust and try again and then one fine day, we succeed. Everyone has the same story. Nobody is born perfect to take all the best decisions in life.


  1. Absolutely heart touching & yet a 'feel-good' blog.. Nyce attempt; Yatika..


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