Candid, not Candied

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Reached Pune; 4 days back; to be exact with Baby J and SIL.

Too tied up to write/ check/ comment on your blogs, call/ sms/ return your calls or sms-es. Apologies! (*no, not my marriage*). Just running to the doc and to the chemist with different family member each time, and in the little time that's available, sorting my bags.

Hopefully will be back sooner than expected.


  1. Welcome Back!!!! [:)]

    And before whose expectations??? [:O] Yours or your readers'???

  2. why doc? all well, i hope!
    take care... and get back soon!

  3. @ Nitin,
    oh well... my own expectations. I seriously dunno when I'll make my comeback.

    @ Rayshma,
    All's not well, sadly. Though nothing's serious.


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