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Thursday, 30 April 2009

"M" yada yada

Somewhere in 2008 -

Me : How many people are going to be invited for my wedding?

Mom : what? why? where's the groom?

Me : arre, I know, we are yet to find..blah blah etc. Tell no.

Mom : why but? why so suddenly are you concerned about your marriage?

Me : Tell no, please.

Mom : 300, maybe 500 or even a 1000... I don't know. Ask your dad. Why do you want to know?

Me : Nothing...just so that I know how many fake smiles I'll have to practise!

Me : u'kno, I want a nice mother-in-law.

Mom : who doesn't?!

Me : No, like real nice... who can cook really good food.

Mom : how selfish of you... expecting MIL to cook for you. you'll continue being the lazy bum that you are even after your marriage? blah blah blah....

Me : I said she should be a good cook so that she can teach me to how to cook like her. What you thought? :P

Somewhere in 2007 -

Me : Pedha!!

Neighbour : oh wow! for what? you are getting married, eh? Pedha and all?

Me :

Neighbour : oh yeah, when you do I'm sure pedhas will be of bigger size.....

Me : :/

Neighbour : .....and not just any pedha will do, chitale ones...jumbo pedha. each of us will take one whole.

Me : :/

Neighbour : oh btw, what are the pedhas for?

Me : new car, dad bought, today.


  1. oh yeah... my MIL is an awesome cook.. and yes, she does cook for me! :D

    now, lemme act like an old hag and ask u... "so, when's ur lagna, huh?"

  2. My MIL is a great cook too....and she cooks for me too!!!

    When you are getting married distribute ladoos......

  3. Getting ready for Marriage.. hmmmm


  4. Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi?

    Here's to finding a Saas that cooks(for you!)


  5. i want the jumbo sized pedha's from Chitale's.... glad to see u dedicated a whole post to those pedhas :P

  6. does we hear wedding bells tolling?? :P

  7. @ Rayshma,

    Good for you...lemme just cross my fingers. My lagna is when it is supposed to be. jab hoga tab hoga.

    @ Varsha,
    Lucky you too, ya...again crossing my fingers. ;) When I get married, I'll distribute Chitale's bakarwadi. Afterall, mera favorite hai. chalel naa?

    @ Aparna,
    hahaha... just that so many of my friends are getting hitched that "marriage" is all thats hovering in my mind. :P :P :P

    @ DPhatsez,
    Welcome! ya, please keep praying. Kabhie naa kabhie toh shaadi hogi ke liye.

    @ Rachana,
    Pedhe kaa naam liya aur tu haazir!! Chal tereko 5 jumbo pedhas. tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi.

    @ Mithun,
    yeah.. you might be... but those aren't my marriage bells... mere dost logon ke... :D ... which all of a sudden reminded me of these incidents that happened with me. And believe me, misunderstandings about my shaadi have happened. Maybe I'll write about that too. It was hilarious.

  8. Hahahahaha!! LOVE coming by because there's always something interesting happening here :) You're gonna distribute bakarwadi when your wedding's is fixed?! I WANNNTTT!!!

    I could courier you one of those fake plastic smiles to stick onto your face and not have to smile for real. Hai na idea? :D

  9. @ DewdropDream,
    Thanks ya! Interesting things keep happening and find way in my blog. Anyways, maybe I'll have bakarwadi distributing ceremony; like ppl have haldi/ mehendi etc. LOL.. will def keep you in mind...will send e-bakarwadis.

    and ya! I'll be needing those plastic fake smiles..plz do courier them. Thanks for all the help! :P

  10. Great humour! I incidentally not only had to smile but also touch some 500 feet. It was as painful as my fake smiles. Thanks for joining my blog.


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