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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

All shaken up

'I have to buy water colours!' I remembered, and said out loud to my mom.

3 seconds of understanding passed between us and she nodded her head reluctantly. I knew the nod of reluctance was because 1. I did not remember this when we had been out and 2. it was already past 8 in the evening. And yet, I was granted the permission. Why? Because she knew I was stubborn.

Triumphant, I passed through our gate, out on the road... it was pitch dark and eerily quiet. All the shops were closed, and there wasn't a soul in sight. Yet, for some reason, I was adamant to buy water colours. I thought a short sprint would bring me faster towards the shop. Before I knew it, I broke into a run. I passed the shop where I was supposed to go... I looked straight ahead... a billboard with "SMILE" written across it was flashing in yellow. I realised I was still running... my brain was unable to send the STOP command to my legs. My heart raced at an uncountable speed.

Somehow I managed to change my direction and head home. The street was still empty, black, stark silent and it felt like vacuum. My throat hurt from running, and I felt like I have swallowed a huge rock. All of a sudden, I saw a human shadow move nearby... but I was not scared of that...

...and I woke up with darkness and silence engulfing me. However, this time they didn't stir panic in me... I lay cocooned reassuringly in my own bedroom.

This was one nightmare that petrified me like anything, yesterday night. I woke up with a start and couldn't go back to sleep at least for an hour. I tried to make sense of it. I clearly remember, I wasn't scared of the darkness, nor was I scared of that doubtful shadow. I was scared of something that I cannot place my finger upon. If I remember correctly, the "SMILE" thing threw me off-balance. The whole thing was eerie and creepy!! brrr...

Any analysis?


  1. Hey what happened to techno- disconnect?
    I am no Sigmund Freud. So I can not analyse this. I do know that I often wake up all sweaty, and scared that I flunked my geography test. And I do know why. It was my mother in law's favourite subject and she aced it always. :(

  2. i donno girl but maybe uve been faking smiles? that kinda troubles u?

    i donno at all!

    (i knw it was u msging me today..wanted to take ur case bt dint work out :P)

  3. Love the new look of the blog. Ok that said, I have no analysis, but I often wake up with a bad jerk feeling that I have fallen into a ditch..uff I hate that feeling absolutely, I can understand what you must have felt..tell aparna to teach you yoga!!

  4. Interesting dream... been a while since I dreamt... But... this one is interesting nevertheless... Could it be that you have tried to preted to be happy when you weren't which has left you confused?

  5. @ Aparna,
    techno disco is still on. blogging is not techno, I say. :)
    and yeah those exam nightmares... i never had them when I was in school/ college. Now I have them!!
    btw, Sujata recos you to teach me yoga. what say teacher? ;)

    @ Jinu,
    faking smiles has always troubled me. lekin, recently I hadn't even fake smiled ya!

    n btw, i dint realise u wanted to take my case at all. would have def played alongwith.

    @ Sujata,
    Thnx for liking the new look!
    That one too... falling in a ditch/ missing a step!! yes, see abv, I've asked her. Lesse. :)

    @ Tejaswini,
    This nightmare may seem interesting to a third person, but for me, it still sends chills down
    my spine. and btw, that's what I felt too.

  6. Are you sure it was around 8pm? or was it later. Aundh somehow never seems to get deserted even at 12am..

    You should perhaps roam around your neighbourhood more often at night.

    The only way to combat fear is to conquer it.

    OT: There's a scary place in Aundh about a km from where you live. Go there once and you'll not be afraid of any other place in Aundh any more. Mail me if you want to know how to get there..

  7. Praveen,
    It was 8 PM. somehow, i knew it was 8. And, I have not come across any scary places in n arnd Aundh. so def dunno what u talking abt. However, as u say, if i roam arnd the streets at night, everyone else will be scared to step out of their house. heee hee! :D

  8. if these type of dreams, reccur, it cld be dangerous...!!! However, You can bypass the trouble!... by doing some pooja... (pet pooja)

    Plz, feed a brahmin, who is around 28-32 year old and treat him at mainland china to his heart's content!!.... His name should start with "A"!! All ur problems will disappear.. n u wont get nightmares...... (reason is, u wont be able to sleep after seeing the BILL amonut there).....

    Namo Narayan...

    -AJ :)

  9. @ AJ,
    yeah. will do dat. suna aise boore dreams uss brahmin ko transfer hote hai...waise hai pehchaan ka mera ek banda. DP rd end rehta hai. Medipoint ke aaju baaju main. usse hi le jaati hoon. hmmm...


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