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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Purnima Calling Purnima

Yep! An announcement. I'm taking some time off for myself. Thus, in the coming few days (no count as of it could stretch to a few weeks, or get over in 4 days flat), I'm minimizing my online activities. Naturally that means no chatting - Gtalk will not be signed in to and Gmail will be used only after disabling the chat facility.

No blogging either. As it is I'm suffering from something that prevents me even from opening my page. And it isn't writer's block. I'm just not in any mood to write anything (except this, that is).

Facebook account will be deactivated, as soon as I finish this post. Quizzes are going from bad to worse to worst to something more. Yet I cannot free myself of them, unless I deactivate it. Will be back, but dunno when.

As for phone calls - will keep that minimum too. Do not call me unless you are dying of not talking to me (and that better be a very good reason - "I called because you did not call" is not a valid reason), or unless your name is TJ, Shrads or Pall. Likewise, do not expect me to call you, or return your sms-es. So the best way to avoid being insulted due to non response will be, not to sms/ call me at all. I'll call/ sms if I need to/ feel like.

Yep, it sounds like I'm throwing my weight around, which is pretty much the case. I need some "me" time to do things that I love doing (read: cuddling with books) and, random other things that I have shamelessly been ignoring since a long time (read: bank jobs, clothes that need stitching).

So, please no "you don't call nowadays" or "where are you?" or "are you alright?" or "stopped blogging??" or "shaadi hai kya?". In advance, lemme tell y'all, I'm fine, in Pune, will take care, will start blogging as soon as I feel like it, will call if I'm dying of not talking to you, and it is yet not my shaadi.

Leave me alone coz I just need me.


  1. :( :P

    Take your own sweet time...!

    U take care of urself lil' sis...!

    C u around :)

  2. OK Bella or is it belle? or shud it be mademoiselle?

  3. Okay, techno-disconnect. Totally understand. Have a wonderful me-time. See you when you get back :) Hug

  4. It’s nice to have “ME” time to spend as it is one’s birth right to grab it. At the same time it’s not good to massacre the friends by not c’ling or not R’cving their phone call and SmS (-es) who are dying to hear u / read ur blogggg……

    Awaiting…… read….d adoring blogger…. :)

    Take care….

  5. I think, it happens when you are troubled from lots interactions. or it may be that you are fade up with the e-system. Anyway, enjoy your own time and come back with lots of words:)

  6. LOVE the new template.
    have a good time... and i'll see you back here soon... :)

  7. @ Yogesh,
    Yep! I'm gonna take "my" time, really! And, I always take good care of myself.

    @ Sujata,
    Belle Mademoiselle?? How does that sound, eh? :)

    @ DDD,
    where been you? and thnx for totally understanding. I'm already loving the tech-disco effects! :D

    @ Nitin,
    Cyber is Purnima-phobic. :P I'm gonna be off-limits...for everyone!

    @ Firoz,
    I know it is not nice not calling/ staying in touch. But I cannot ignore my cravings to be with me.

    @ Datta,
    You are spot on! This has resulted from over-socializing with friends over the past few weeks. Every sunday and thursday I'm out meeting different set of friends... phone keeps singing in silent mode... am totally bugged of chattering endlessly receiving and giving professional and personal updates.

    I'm gonna plug off for quite some time now.

    @ rayshma,
    Danke, for the compli for template! I'll blog re... like when lightening strikes in my brain... am not imposing a ban on my blogging... that warning was 'just-in-case'. :)

  8. Theres no point in commenting, since you are probably not going to see this. But just in case, you really got tempted and opened your page here's wishing you a wonderful 'me' time.

  9. awww, Aparna! Whatever makes you think I do not see this page?? Of course, I do! The major attention seeker that I am!
    Thnx for your wishes! I'm enjoying my "me" time. :)

    Psstt... I'm so tempted to blog now. Will do so soon. Keep visiting here. :D

  10. (Tejaswini: Giggling and dancing around in joy and punching air) Yayyyy.. I get to be the exception who MAY call you :)

  11. Tj,
    yep! you may nahi, you HAVE TO call me.


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