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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Look,'s something!

If you are wondering where I have been all these days... I have been right here. My PC suffered virus attacks (no, I dunno how and why...and no, I do not visit notorious websites), and my laptop was hibernating somewhere in the drawer. Today, everyone's fine. PC recovered and Lappy too came out to breathe some fresh air. Thus, I decide to blog.

Ok, before you people congratulate me, you may have to read this. :)

Alright, fine, you can call me a show off, or childish, or even m'as tu vue categorie... but I still had to do it. Else, how would you ever know of my greatness, hein? I'm feeling like a kid who has won a story telling contest. I'm stupidly ecstatic. Let me come to the real reason why I had to shout from the rooftop... V n N know about my blog...they have read it and commented too. Parents know that I blog... but hardly know what "blog" means. So though everyone knows everything, they do not know everything. Get it? No? Leave it!


V believes I'll get the Booker prize. Well, I'm honored he thinks so... and have started practicing my acceptance speech. :D

A said "Lagta hai tu blogging main Oscar layegi" - I have a feeling, I'll be the only one walking the red carpet to accept my Oscar.

K said "Why don't you write novels?" - I'm still too young to do that, u'kno? I might start one... dunno if I'll finish it.

Yet another A was angry that he came to know about it through someone else and not me... blatantly disregarding the fact that I was buzzing him to tell him just that.

T said "congrats, gurl!! when did this happen?" - I had to guiltily explain that it all happened last week and though we met today morning, I did not tell you about it.

and finally mom said "show...hmmm, you look so thin in this snap!!!" **siighh** don't we really love our moms???

P.S. Comments section is waiting. ;)


  1. awww... congratulationsss!!!!! :)
    and yes, i know a guy like the one you mention. details to be sent to you or ur mom?! :D

    and you look lovely in the pic! :)
    very happy for you... HUGS!

  2. Congrats yaar.....................

  3. Congratulations! You are one hot and happening lady!
    Waise if you find one guy like that, please let all of us know. We all get to vote whether he deserves you or not.And please blog more frequently.

  4. Whatever it is, its an awesome achievement!!!!

  5. Congrats Purnima!! I was wondering what happened to you, am glad you are back. And sure moms can be banked upon to come up with statements like that all the time!!

  6. Hello, pleased to meet you! I have enjoyed reading your post and I will be back yaar....

  7. @ rayshma,
    aww thnx!send deails to my mom... and think of ways how you'll do it...coz I'm not gonna pass on any details to her!! :P

    @ JJ,
    Thnx ya! n Welcome here!

    @ Aparna,
    hx, Aparna! ya I know, i HAVE to blog more frequently!

    @ Nitin,
    Thx, Nitin! I guess, after all, the bugging helped me. :)

    @ Sujata,
    Thnx!! Arre PC virus and I that shud explain it all. Nw, hopefully i won't give any more excuses. :)

    @ gaelikaa,
    Hey! Pleased to meet you to! Thnx & Welcome here!

  8. You look really good in the snap. But yes- the think bit is a typical 'mom- comment'

  9. YAAAAY!!!! AWESOME!!!
    Well, even my Mom knows that I blog. But just like how you put it. She doesn't know what a 'blog' means.
    One day you'll go up on air or on some famous newspaper and I'll scream "YAAAAYYYY!!!!" just like how I did!!

  10. @ Gayathri,
    Thnx! and Welcome here! :)

    @ Abdul hai,

    @ Minal,
    yep! u sed it.. typical mom comment..All India Mom Association Rocks! :D

    Oye Ajan!
    Tere muh main ghee shakkar...or anything else that you like! Mera naam newspaper main ayega toh u'll be the phurrst to get my autograph! :D


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