Candid, not Candied

Thursday, 26 November 2009


It's been a year today. an event that will appear in the history books in black and white, a few years from now.

Today morning, while heading to the office, heard Dr. Satyapal Singh, Commisioner of Pune, on the radio announcing that you can come and pay respect to all those who lost their life in the tragedy. I knew I had to go too.

Before I realised, my vision was clouded with tears and I had to hold them back for the sake of driving safely.

I'm just back from lighting candle at the police station. I don't know what I felt. It is hard to put my sentiments into words.

My insides felt like they were made of lead. I couldn't help shivering in my place when i was standing in silence, paying respects. What could I say to those who left us behind? Thanks for doing what you did? Sorry for what happened? May your souls rest in peace?

None! all I could feel was anger mixed with sadness. WHY did this happen? Who was responsible for what and who bore its outcome?

I honestly want to go back in time and change all that happened. I'm avoiding watching the television cz I know I won't be able to bear the constant replays of those events.

If this is what I feel, their families must be going through hell. I wish there was something I could to do to ease off their pain.

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