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Monday, 21 December 2009


I said a "YES" to the one I couldn't say "NO" to! uhh... it's been a while now.



  1. Yes to a boy or yes to a new job? I am guess its the former :D Pls don't tell me after your shaadi, you are moving to Sweden :|

  2. PP I will judge you if this is supposed to be a prank u r playing across public platform :P

  3. and i'm VERY happy for you. happy coz you couldn't say no, which is why you said yes.
    happy coz you found what's ideal for you...
    congrats, gurl. much happiness... always! MUAH!

  4. What the hell!
    When did this happen? And how come you did not blog about it? C'mon woman, we are all dying of curiosity here...

  5. congratulation... waise shaadi kab hai purni??? bulawogi na?

  6. A little birdie whispered some news in my ears ... Congratulations!!! I wish you everlasting happiness :)

  7. u gave me the perfect reason for saying a "yes"... because you couldn't say a "no"

    it sounds stupid, i completely get it!

    no more comments, on this post... since i completely agree with your choice... would have chosen the same for u too :D

    have fun!... Cheers Sweety ;)

  8. @ SJ,
    :D... First part correct. second part wrong. M not moving to sweden. :| Umrika is the place. :|

    @ The Holy Lama,
    haan haan. patta kat gaya. :P

    @ Nu,
    Thnx! :)

    @ Jinu,
    NOOOOOOOO, I wudn play pranks with my "Status" you know. so tis for real. :D
    *The one I wud like to get and stayed married to* ;) ;)

    @ rayshma,
    :D :D :D thank you sooooo much.

    @ Aparna,
    This December was magical indeed. :) ya ya i know I owe you all an explanation/ details. But m sure u know how days during this period swish by fast and drag through slow!!! so m facing both at the same time. will update you people in a while. next week mebbe?

    @ KK,
    m not supposed to reveal the details to you. Strict instruction from parents. and Thanks a million for the wishes. It's because of you that all this has been possible. :) :P

    @ DDD,
    Thanks a million, girl! :)

    @ Rachana,
    I dunno where your second comment disappeared after approval!! :O
    :) Thanks a lot for alllll your good wishes!

  9. oooo that's great! CONGRATUALATIONS... and celebrations... God Bless you and the one u cudn't say a no to :P
    oh and Merry C'mas! :)

  10. @ Shaili,

    thnx so much gal. My wud be better half gets the message, dun worry.

    @ Tj,
    :P :P

  11. Amerikkaa vaa??? andavaa not you too....

  12. ohh my my the gal says YES and moves the Umrika!!! bet your place there has a heated pool and a roof top jaccuzi!!

  13. @ SJ,
    m gng to be a "parasitical NRI" soon :(... hee haw haw! and yes, Happy New Year to you too!!... uhh belated?!

    @ Sujata,
    Umrika, yes! Heated pool and jaccuzi, not yet! Don't think m not gonna blog from there ok?


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