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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Change of Status

Haaaa.. it feels good to be back to blogging again... seems like ages since I last blogged. Well, what happened since the last time I posted a blog post? Believe me, lots! Yes, I do know that I was supposed to reveal details about "the guy" I couldn't say no to....

Sadly, as you all already know it, I'm a serial procrastinator and believe in 'why do something today when you can put it off for tomorrow'; I obviously did not blog.

Coming back to where I started... from December 21st to today, my status has changed from "Still Single" to "in a relationship" to "Engaged". Trust me, even though the days seemed to drag by, I never realised when all this happened within a flash. Everyone's bombarding me with questions and i'm trying my best to answer them. As a result, now, every person that's not so special or not even a friend knows the history and my close friends are still clueless. I'm honestly lost and do not know who knows/ doesn't know about my "changed relationship status".

Anyway, the biiiiiiiiig day falls on April 9th this year... and I'm all :D :D :D !!

I have put in my resignation at work place and am gonna be working for next 15 days ONLY! I'm happy that I'll have some time to be at home; while I'm sad that I'll miss all the fun we've had at the office with my insane colleagues. Yes, I'm not leaving a chance of blogging about them. One post exclusively dedicated to them will come up...sooner or later.

And reserving the Best for the Last - The guy I couldn't say a 'no' to happens to be Kiranraj Kamath; you know him as KK in the comments section. :) :) :)

We are happily welcoming Good Wishes and Blessings! :)


  1. KK hmmm, so will you but an end to the speculations and post a damn cute pic of the two of you, and let us aunties out of our misery!! And she says she wont blog from umrika!! how unfair is that???

    All my best to you and hope you have a roaring and gleeful wedded life with KK!!

  2. hee hee... all the best, my young one... You will be missed in India, rather India will be so much less crazier than before ;(


    enough of the drama i say.... Have a great married life... and keep blogging ! :) :) :)

  3. @ Sujata,
    hehehe... we don't have a pic together. LOOOOOOOOONG story. (will explain in detail later, if mood permits)

    And,I will not NOT BLOG from Umrika. I HAVE to blog.. that's next to KK and breathing!! aise kaise ho sakta hai??? :O

    Blog toh hoga hi... just that settle hone ke baad baith ke aaraam se likhoongi.

    Thanks for ur wishes. :)

    @ Rach aunty,

    main terese young ho gayi ab? Arre what's internet for? M not leaving India...main wahaan baith ke trass dongi naa sabko. i won't let u miss me...pwomiss.

    and blv me, blogging band nahi hoga.

  4. :) congratz girl. congrats to KK as well :) god bless ya both.

  5. aha! some details are through finally :) lovely! congratulations to the both of you... and well, those good wishes and blessing you mentioned too :D

    and it did not even cross my mind that you'll stop blogging post-marriage/us of a! how could you?!? its something you do really well. and well, u start off doing new stuff post such a big change but not stop doing old stuff.

    did any of that make sense? its just that i am aghast at the idea that u might have considered not blogging!

  6. Have a blast. It'll will nice as KK is also my pseudonym for Katten kaapi in the

  7. thank you everyone for your wishes :)

  8. happily welcoming gifts also?! :D

    and very soon, i will be saying "welcome to this part of the world" :D
    all teh very best, gurl... wish you LOADS of happiness!

  9. Hi KK, congratulations!
    And Purnima, you have to blog from the day you land in America. How else will we know you have settled down well there? So right from your arrival to your first time in an American store, you must let us be with you.
    All the best to both of you and saath saath photo nahi hai? Yeh baat kuch hazam nahi hui!

  10. @ Jinu,

    Chk email for my reply! :P

    @ Sawan,

    :) Thanks, Sawan!

    @ Mukta,

    yeah... details are out finally! :) and no, it dint even cross my mind that i'll stop blogging. In fact I dunno why ppl think m gonna do that. even office madhe ek colleague mhanala "you plz continue blogging after marriage ok. don't ever think of stopping"

    @ THL,

    :) We sure will! :) Thank you for the wishes.

    @ KK,


    @ Rayshma,

    see, I dint say that you did! ani me mothyancha aiykate... sooooo... :P

    and Thanksee! :D :D

    @ Aparna,

    I promise to blog the day I land... even if it is a one liner post. *just for you* m taking all you ppl along with me.

    Saath saath photo sach main nahi hai. Yeh baat hum dono ko bhi hazam nahi ho rahi hai. :) will post abt it...sooner or later. :) ;)


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