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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Smiles all around me

I'm genuinely happy!! :) :) :) In addition to "my obvious reasons" to be happy, there are certain other stuff, biiiiig stuff rather, that's keeping a smile pasted on my face 24*7.

It actually brings me to new heights of happiness when I hear "getting hitched" news from friends. Especially when the "getting hitched" part has a nice story behind it and friends willingly share it with you.

I was over the moon when a school friend of mine (just 10 mins back) broke the news to me while I was narrating "my story" to her. What do you do when gaiety multiplies? Smile so hard that your facial muscles stretch, strain and pain, but still you don't want to let go of that smile. This is just one of such blasting news that triggered this post.

It feels like a season of "being congratulated" and "congratulating others". A friend found a job, another found a life partner, yet another is in the process of dumping her current boyfriend and finding a new one, one more friend is in line for some good career surprises... all in all, a good time to celebrate.

I didn't know that good news too, spreads like fire. :) I was amazed to hear my childhood friend's voice from Dehradun calling to wish me and drop in a tip or two about married life; plus an invitation to stay over at their place. It is baffling, even for me, to acknowledge such depth of friendship - no matter how long we have not talked to each other, no matter how many times we break the promises of catching up when she's here... we always manage to start from where we have left...

And for some people who I thought never cared a damn if I existed or not, are holding me close and saying "it'll not be the same without you."

I guess, this occasion in my life will tighten my bonds with people around me.

A reason to smile is always welcome and what more could it be when friends and family find you worthy of sharing it?


  1. :) you are quick! hope the smiles multiply endlessly!

  2. Smile, smile smile till the jaws ache. This is a a beautiful phase of life and nothing will be as exciting as this one.

  3. smiiiiiiiiiiile!! there will be more reasons too later..but for now just keep smiling!!


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