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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Day 1 : Commencing a blogathon

Prodding this idea in my mind for a few days now, I think I should give it a shot! A blog marathon! Writing a blog post each day for one whole month. I know it is not the beginning of a month, but I think it is better late than never.

Where did I flick this from? I have been reading Preeti Shenoy's blog for quite some time now, and she does this blogathon once a year. Taking it from here, let me write a bit about why I like this blogger cum author cum artist cum just a mother of two (and so many more facets to her, which are often revealed through her blog). 

If you like reading, you will absolutely LOVE the way she writes. Its everyday life put in simple words that guarantees a smile on your face. Most of the times I associate myself with every big and small details mentioned therein. I do not always drop in a comment, cz her blogposts have rendered me speechless. I often shake my head and say "Now, how come I didn't think of that?". When I say author, you'd expect some heavy language with heavier philosophical gyaan about how to count chickens and turkeys and how to survive rat races... not her. Navigating through her work is as easy as breathing. She's one blogger, whose blogs if I do miss, I do not feel lethargic to hit the "older posts" link and read them. 

That's the reason why I bought her first book "34 Bubblegums and Candies". Its a compilation of short stories of her life, some hilarious, some merit just a smile, some touch your heart, and overall, its a feel good book. While reading her book, in some places I was like, "hey, that's my story!" It is a warm, soothing book. 

After reading it, I sent her an email and within a few hours I got a reply. The humility in her email touched me immensely. It takes a lot not to let success intoxicate you; and she is, by far one of the best examples I could quote.  

I call her Preeti akka, and she's my daily dose of Chicken soups. :) She's the motivation behind this blogathon and a gentle kick to my lazy, self-induced writer's block.  

Here's to blogging and inspirations in life! Cheers!


  1. Good luck with the blogathon purnima.. hope to drop by for the forthcomin posts :)

    (came here from Preeti di's blog)

  2. All the Best...Completely agree Preeti's book and blogs.
    Like your blogs as well specially fiction...Came through Mukta's blogs..Hope you don't mind.
    Keep writing :)

  3. many thanks to your Preeti akka for being able to deliver that kick...

    Now there's something new to look forward to everyday!!

  4. hey tht's gr8..all the best..looking fwd to some gr8 stories...

  5. All the best.. Lets see how it goes for you .. Might take it up too :P

  6. sbonlifensuch: Thanks for dropping by! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this blogathon!

    Manasi: Hey, why would I mind my readers? The more the merrier! Welcome here.. and thx for your good words!

    Nishanth: I know how forward looking u r now. :)

    Uma: me too! :)

    Aparna: Thank, Aparna! I think it is a great idea to sit down and take some time off to make a blog entry. will be looking forward to yours too!


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