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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 3 : Fleeting Conversations

Some conversations just happen. They don't make you laugh till you burst. They make your day with their subtle humor. Some make you feel stupid, some make you feel like a complete dork! Conversation here happened between us and other people I know. I don't like taking names though. ;) :)


She : I went to the grocery store today. guess who I met there. I met X. X said they are done with the shifting stuff. They love the new house. They are planning to invite us over this Saturday. Shayad they are throwing a party.

He : (watching tv, not even batting eyelids)

She : I think we should buy a gift for them. What do you think? I was thinking something nice and useful. Maybe a gift certificate or something. Oh and by the way before I forget, you don't forget to call that bank guy... what's his name?

He : (still watching tv, still not batting eyelids)

She : I said what's his name? Did you even hear a word I said? I don't know why I even bother! I think I have married the walls! and u do this to me every time. and when I don't respond to you, you get irritated. Before marriage, you kept your every work away to talk to me and you talked for hours on end. Now...

He : Dear, you have married me and not the walls... and I heard every word you said. Before marriage, were we staying together? No right. Now we do. I have 24*7 access to you. We will buy a gift certificate for them ok? That is a very nice idea. I have already called the bank guy. Nothing to worry. And his name is Y.(goes back to watching TV, without batting eyelids)

She : !!!!!!


She : These sandals are giving me blisters. I think I should throw them.

He : Better take a wise decision. I paid for your sandals but the feet came free with you!


She : This pillow cover just ripped through the seam...

He : Throw it and buy a new one.

A few days later...

She : This jacket hardly protects me from this cold.

He : Throw it. We'll find a new one for you.

A few more days later...

She : Remember I told you, our blender was making funny noises? Well, a little part has broken.

He : Throw it. Get a new one.

She : Well, nowadays you fight with me a lot. Shouldn't I get a new husband for myself?

He : !!!!


She : (reading the instructions on a wooden spatula) Look what it says here, "Hand wash only." Which idiot will wash them with his feet?

He : DUH! It means no throwing it into the dishwasher!!

She : I know! I was kidding!


It was his birthday. She arranged for a cake and invited their friends. Finally it was the cake cutting ceremony. He cut the cake. She lovingly fed him the cake first and waited. Waited for him to do the same, that is lovingly feed her a piece.

She : Ok. Now gimme a piece of cake.

He : Why?

She : Why, what? I gave you, now you give me.

He : I didn't ask you to! Secondly, you pulled the knife from my hand. Now since your hands are already messy, eat them for yourself!

She : !!!!


  1. hey purmina....nice blog u have..keep it up.i also have a blog its about all the care tips..hey umma i like ur blog very much.can we do one thing why dont we share our links in our blog? so that my users will come to know about ur blog and vice versa.Thanks alot..i will wait for ur reply.

  2. HAHAHHAHAHHA! Loved the cake part. I would have done the same with you too :P

  3. hah hah hah......

    remind me of Nagesh and Me

  4. Gunjan: Thx for the good words! will visit ur blog soon.

    Shrads: :) thx girl!

    Rach: sadist kahin ki! btw, that convo wasn't between me n KK. hihihihi.. popat!


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