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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Baby Update - 06/08

Recently, I had my monthly check up and boy! do I look forward to them!

Well, I expected an ultrasound, just so that I could take a peek at Jr. again. I wondered if I could get a glimpse of tiny arms, legs and head moving about. Alas! No U/S this month, the doc said; next month! Me is counting days till September 5th now. 

Anyhow, it was the usual. Doc asked me if I eat. I am sure she meant nutritional. I thought I did, and said a confident 'yes'. After all, I eat only home cooked delicious meals. However, the stupid weight machine revealed that my weight has increased only by 1kg since the last month. And I am now ordered to put on 2 kgs per month. 

Do you drink milk? she asked.

Yes, I do. I said. 

Do you add Horlics/ Bournvita to it?


Well, since childhood, me and Horlics/ Bournvita/ Boost/ Complan have 36 ka aakda! I have always prefered plain milk. But now, things are different. Other than Horlicks (which I have in the morning), there's another powder which I am supposed to add to milk at night! 

Anything for my Jr.!

Except the weight, everything is pretty normal, she said. I also got a Tetanus shot. Next one due next month. 

 In a nutshell ::

5th Month : 17 weeks

Weight : 55 kgs

Tum-tum : Starting to pop out, just a bit; certainly not showing.

Diet : 8 AM : Overnight soaked almonds

8: 30 AM : Breakfast + Calcium pills

10 AM : Milk with Horlicks and something to eat (most of the times, some fruit)

12:-30 - 1:00 PM : Lunch + Milk

5 PM : Coffee with something to eat

7 PM : Timepass snacks (Baby craves, not me)

8: 30 - 9:00 PM - Dinner

10 PM - Milk with nutritional powder and folic acid pill

Well, people keep asking me what I do to pass my time, now that I am out of my routine. There is perhaps not a lot what I do, physically. I read, I write (not just blog), I take time to talk to my in laws (this is the first time that I get to live with them since wedding, so I am making the most of it by trying to get to know them and vv), talk to mommy, who is always full of do's n don'ts even when we speak every day of the week, sometimes I prepare something in the KITCHEN and then there's always internet. 

When I am doing none of the above, I take rest, or I look at the fishes in our cute aquarium. I am pretty much interested in watching them swim, eat their food, nibble at each others tail. Cute lill folks!

Next update will be in September. With the ultrasound, YAY! and hopefully me heavier by 2 kgs! :) ;)

***Highlight*** I am already feeling flutters in my tum tum. It goes even before I can widen my eyes in amazement. I so LOVE them! Jr.'s starting to make me aware of his/her presence. :) I hope s/he kicks hard soon! :D :D


  1. heyyy good to see an update!
    Oh how I hated drinking milk during my preg..that too twice a day..yuck!
    I told my mom, I had finished my lifetime quota of drinking milk..:-)
    And you eat well and healthy..dnt worry the weight will pile on in right amounts..
    Take lots of care...

  2. awww...all the best for a healthy pregnancy!

  3. Uma : Milk!! :(

    Raam Pyari : Thnx! :)


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