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Thursday, 20 October 2011

October update

Sometimes nothing happens for a long period of time and other times, there are so many things happening that you wonder if you've even taken a breath. So yes, since the past week there have been whirlwind activities at my end.

First and the foremost, and probably the best - KK's back from the US. I am not going to elaborate how happy I am to see him after a long gap of 3.5 months. Secondly, he got me a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggg surprise. Will blog about it some other time; it qualifies a blog post!!

Secondly, I had my first baby shower at the in laws place and must say it was a great event. When so many people wish you, bless you and shower love, it's difficult not to feel special. We felt grateful for our decision to come back to India for the delivery (as against so many people trying to convince us that our decision was not right - will blog about that one too)


Yesterday was my first appointment with the doctor here. And everything is fine, with me and the baby. I was PHEW! After the flight journey, Mangalore-Bangalore-Pune, I was scared even though the journey was pretty comfortable.

Anyway, I found out that from now on the weight gain is going to be rapid. I'm already seeing the proof of it. There are no eating restrictions, as long as I eat every two hours and healthy (= tasty). There's a series of tests that I have to go through before the next appointment. :O  I am all excited for the ultrasound which will take place in a few days.. so Yippppppppeeeeeeeee!!!

The kicks are so strong and frequent now, that I jump in my seat when I receive them unawares. Yeah, KK's fascinated too and loves it when Jr. moves around and packs punches.

At 61.5 kgs, I am wondering where the 47 kg-ed girl has disappeared. I find my increasing weight amusing! :) Everyone else (esp. those who's been seeing me since childhood), who'd always had the wish to see me weighty is pulling my cheeks.

Currently waiting for the second baby shower that's coming up on the 30th of this month.

I am more than smiling! :)


  1. was about to prod you into writing something and there I find a post!
    so, someone's singing mera piya ghar aaya...
    nice to hear about the baby's progress and the baby shower..

  2. Landed here blog hoppity-hopping.. Congrats on your pregnancy.. I was going thru some of u r posts post Aug and all i can say is I totally hear you. I am pregnant with my first bub too and remember hurling "I am Pregnant" at the hubby at the slightest provacation. Have fun at your second baby shower. Best wishes !

  3. I have the exact weight statistics right now- I was around 45-47 and now am 61.5 as of yesterday.

    How have you been?

  4. Uma: thx! I am smiling from ear to ear... people must be thinking "silly preggy"

    Bhargavi: Hey Welcome here! well, we r sailing in the same boat then? :) all the best to u too!

    Aparna: hey thnx lady!

    Minal : I am doing great!!! Just went for U/S yesterday. :) and saw Jr. hws ur bubble?

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy Purnima. This is my firsttime on ur blog.I am also in Pune now.

  6. Hey Timepass! Welcome here! Thnx for the wishes. :)


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