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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November Update

My gyn is really happy with me and the baby. That's like telling only the moral of the story. So here's the detailed version.

The main cause for concern was that our blood groups are positive and negative. And apparently, there is some biological zhol there and probability of complications. Hence, an additional test was recommended. A lot depended on the result, I was told. Thankfully, the test reports were negative again, which saved me a lot of headache. Other than that, there was Glucose Tolerance Test, blood tests, U/S and some more; all of which turned out to be great.

Probably I am observing it better, but I see a lot of pregnant ladies. I cannot help but compare my tum with the others and wonder if I am "pregnant enough". Everyone else seems to have a larger bump than mine. Mom patiently tells me that they are way ahead of me, and I will eventually reach there. :)

Oh yes! My gyn said the baby is pretty healthy and chubby too! Ooooooooooo... I am imagining a mini version of KK already. I got some U/S snaps. And yes, there are chubby cheeks and nose like KK's. :| :P

Other than that, everyone's on the guessing game, whether it'll be blue or pink booties. So far, all of them say I am gonna have a boy -  A. Because I don't have a huge bump. B. Because when seen from behind, I don't look pregs at all.

I have no reasons to believe or rather even pay attention to the speculations. I'll be happy with a healthy baby.  But yeah, sure as hell, I am curious to know!

BTW, my EDD has jumped up to 9th Jan, according to the U/S. That means I have exact 2 months to go! :O

Umm... went shopping for some clothes today, and got some comfy, daily wears. I made sure they don't make me look like an aunty. So these are cute tops and night wears, and I DON'T look like any preggy aunty. Yeah, I still drive my mom crazy by refusing to wear those long, behenji types salwars and nighties. She    is wondering what's so wrong in wearing something that is comfortable. I am all for comfort, but what's wrong with good looks?

:) :) :) :) Next doc appointment on 3rd Dec. (and hopefully heavier by 1.5 kgs)


  1. Good that the RH thingie is okay and both of you will not have any trouble during delivery. Ditto on speculations about pink/blue for me too..I have already started wearing behenji clothing- there just aren't enough maternity clothes brands in India.Good luck and keep sharing notes..

  2. wowow..great going..happy to hear about all the updates..
    yes, the boy/girl predictions will continue till you deliver..:-)
    know what my pichle janam's twin?? I have a -ve Bloog group and had to take an injection before delivery. Thankfully R also inherited the same RH, I was spared of another injection post delivery..

  3. Bhargavi : Just went and shopped for some really good looking and cheap large size stuff that makes me look preggy and not fat! And I so agree that we do not have much maternity wear choice. I mean, we do but they hardly look good on u. I toh look pakka aunty in some of them, so abandoned big brands and headed to D mart. :)

    Uma: Yah! I am so relieved now! That RH thingie was playing in my mind since a long time.


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