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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day :: 12 Taking it for Granted

After ages today, I got to enjoy full five minutes, all to myself. While I sat enjoying a cup of coffee, the silence that engulfed me, allowed some deep introspection.

There was a time when I'd get restless if I didn't have my "me" time throughout the day. And then there is today, the day begins as soon as it starts. I'd have never thought of giving up my five precious for anything.

One takes many things for granted. And it is not a conscious effort. We happen to make everything our habit and when that habit is regularly practiced, we tend to think that nothing will ever change. Like I took my pencil thin body structure for granted. Like I took my five minutes a day for granted.

Have you taken anything or anyone for granted only to realize later?


  1. Lol....oh yea..your me time..closing the door and doing your work in peace.
    For now i am yet to realise.. ask me in another two years ;-)

    1. Yeah you know very well right how I fiercely had to have my me time?

  2. Having a baby makes you a thinking person ;-) :-)) no seriously, you are so crunched for time that you actually become more productive.

    1. Bang on! Very productive I say! When baby is the priority everything else needs to be done over fast. :) I think I am loving it!

  3. yes... being able to walk on twos!!!


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