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Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 13 :: Discovering Self

13 things I have newly discovered about myself

1. I can let go of things that disturb me. It is very difficult, but I have been capable of doing it.

2. I can finish my kitchen chores within 45 minutes (Aa's morning nap time) - cooking, cleaning et al.

3. I can lose weight! YAY!

4. I can be very observant if I choose to be.

5. I can set a goal and achieve it too.

6. I can willingly forgo chocolate and cheese. (Of course, not permanently!)

7. I can make a beginning and see it till the end.

8. I can live without many things that I thought I could never live without!

9. I can forgive myself for bad cooking.

10. I can look after Aa, which I thought would be an impossible task.

11. I can understand a lot of things my mother used to tell me. (Yeah, now!)

12. I can stay alive without my 10 hour daily, beauty sleep.


13. I can (still) let my mind wander to places of  my imagination.

:) :) :)

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