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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 15 :: Mid Blogathon Post

I intended on doing a longish post today. That certainly doesn't seem to be happening. Not at this hour.

Did you take notice that I am already half way through my Blogathon? I was surprised! It's been a tough pull; these 15 days, yet attainable. I did it, didn't I? It takes immense efforts, not for the posts, but to keep up with the promise of blogging daily.

Initially, I admit, I had cold feet but now it feels great to be back to my blog so frequently. Blogging Is my stress-buster and calms me. Something what meditation does to many. It is like a coolant. At the end of the day, although I need to think what to write, once the job's done, I sleep peacefully.

There are still 15 more posts this month and I hope you will stick with me. Until tomorrow, ciao!


  1. 15 days already!! It sure is my dear. Having a kid and juggling housework along with blogging takes one big hell of an effort. Kudos :)

  2. congrats, Purnima! am sure it must have been tough to write a post daily. Am glad you did it...keep writing :-)


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