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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 2 :: When Ties Run Deeper

I hardly realised it was Raksha Bandhan today until I saw some FB wishes. A day when a sister ties a sacred thread onto her brothers' arms and asks for love and protection for a lifetime.

Like every brother sister duo, V and me have also celebrated this day since childhood. Of late we haven't been together on this day. However, I remember all our childhood antics, fights and fun. I particularly remember one day when we fought so badly that I refused to tie him my Rakhi. Every year that's the day I keep replaying in my mind. :)

Today evening, being alone at home with Aa, I was generally feeling lonely and depressed. Suddenly when I heard the knock on the door, i wondered if it was my friend here. It wasn't. It was a kind lady with a huge box in her hand and asked me if I was the person mentioned as addressee. I was.

I cried as I took it in my hands. I was crying and hysterically telling Aa that her mama has sent me flowers for Rakshabandhan!! Aa must have thought I was all gone. I leave you with the pictures.

I thank the lady who was concerned enough to bring the flowers up to me because she thought they might wither. Bless her!

Vinayak anna, I love you! Even though you make me cry.


  1. wow!!! Things like these make your day for sure :)

  2. so sweet :-) the bro-sis bond is definitely deep and strong!

  3. wow.. sometimes these festivals bring so much of love and happiness..

  4. Smita, Uma and Prajakta, very true! Good relations add fun to festivals. :)

  5. Haven't been on your blog for a while. I can definitely imagine your joy. The flowers look lovely!


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