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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Day 21 :: True Words These

"You can never be a mother without bearing pain. This is just the beginning of it." - my mom, when I complained of a variety of pains I underwent post delivery

"Be it a love marriage or an arranged one, your real life will start only when you start cohabiting." - V, when I was at the threshold of a life changing event, my marriage

"So what if you are a girl, your hand shake should always be a firm one!" - my uncle when I'd grasped his hand nimbly during a handshake.

"If you start thinking about the commercial success of your book, you will never write one." - KK, when I wondered how well my book would do commercially if I ever write one

"Always refer to your in-laws as 'my in-laws'; never 'my husband's parents'. This will bring you closer to them." -Vru, my ex colleague and a good friend

:) aren't they awesome. These are some words that keep ringing on my ears again and again.

Casually someone says something in the heat of the moment, and there is so much depth in it. I do believe in all of these above and I abide by them.

Will post some more when I remember them. These advices are worth sharing.


Go on, say it! I will not sue you... pinky promise!


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