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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 22 :: Reunited!

Deepak and Shweta were the first friends in US with whom we hit off instantly. We have spent many happy hours in each others company.

Shweta made my life livable here. With such dearth of good friends, I found solace in her. We ranted, bitched, complained, laughed and shopped together. Our happiness knew no bounds when we broke the news of our respective pregnancies. We had the same due dates. And no, we hadn't planned that.

Now they live in a different area, a little far from where we live. But that didn't stop us from having a good time. We loved their company after a very long time and this time with our kids trying to pull each other's hair, lord! did we enjoy! Posting some snaps of the two "new" friends.

Happy Aarnavi! Happy to see some new faces!!!

"Look mama! Even I can pull her hair." - Avi
"Dadddy look, tongue comes out when avi pulls my hair!" - Aarnavi

"Yay!!!" - Avi
"Am I supposed to clap too?" - Aarnavi


  1. that's so wonderful..lovely pics of the cutie tot friends..
    And, know what? two of my friends and one of hubby's friends had our due dates all within a couple of months of each others :-0 and no, not at all planned ;-) we all have fun meeting up with our kids growing up together (as friends/peers/competitors!) :-0

    1. i think it is wonderful to see our kids grow up together...its like reliving our childhood!


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