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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Day 25 :: I am not sorry

A few of my blog readers say that I am too direct sometimes. And that u write about anything and anyone and also that they have to be careful with me, else they'll too land up as one of my blogposts.

I totally agree! I do write about people in my daily life. Whether good or bad I do not hesitate to mention them in my blogposts if I find them worthy of a mention.

The idea behind all this is not to criticize or belittle. It's just that when I undergo a situation or am subject to after effects if human behavior, I find it interesting enough to share. The intention is to share an experience... The intention is to invite other people's view and angle.

Yes, I do at times tend to demean and pass a wry comment, and if I said it was not to send across a message, I'd be lying!

This page is open for anyone to read. This is certainly not "talking behind backs" or even being dead rude. I have a fair idea if who reads my blog and I fairly do not have any idea who else reads my blogs. If the person I have written about comes and reads and understands it is about him/ her, let him/ her come and ask me. I am ready with my answers. I do not write unless I am sure about what I want to write.

Of late, I realized that spreading negativity by writing something negative is not good- not for me and least for any reader. But that doesn't mean negative stuff doesn't happen to you at all? It eases the mind to share things and unload a bit. It really soothes when someone says "Hey, that happened to me too."

I am responsible for what I put down in this blog and I maintain my stand. I will never throw in something that is insulting to anyone intentionally.

I do not feel sorry for speaking my mind which is often the case on my blog. The other day KK read one of my blog posts and said "Are you really writing all that??!"

In my defense - Everyone has their opinions. I have mine too. Although, not every opinion has a place. Mine do, in this blog! ;)

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