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Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 24 :: Latest from Aa world

We know that every child meets its milestone at its own pace. Even then it is difficult not to compare baby achievements.

When I saw Avi, My friend Shweta's kiddo, sit unsupported when he was mere 6 months old, I was surprised! Aa was not even close. I wondered how long will she take to sit. She has started sitting unsupported since 15 days now. Since then, I have seen huge developments in her activities. I think she is undergoing growth spurts.

She understands a lot more than she did a fortnight back. A slightly high pitched "NO" and she stops in her tracks to the wires. She associates voice with the person; can recognise lullabys from reprimands; screams in my absence; cries when a toy she is playing with, is taken away from her.

And physically too, she is pacing up. She sat, rocked and crawled (like full lenghts without falling) within 2-3 days. Now she finds sitting and crawling boring, so she holds me for support and stands up!! And here I was wondering when she will sit. In a blink of an eye she has done all this.

She is getting verbal too. Since yesterday she has started to make more meaningful sounds, not just gurgles. She started repeating "bababababababa" and "papapapapapa" all of a sudden yesterday evening! When we repeated the same to her, she found it immensly funny and burst into peels of laughter. Would have loved to upload the same. Maybe tomorrow.

I am sure all the babies are as smart and must be doing the same thing world wide. But that's the thing about your "own" baby, anything it does, you find it fascinating and boast worthy. Every parent feels proud of his/ her child's milestones. Hell, it is exciting even if it poops a different colour one day!

I am proud! Yes. Very. Very. Very!

However tired I may be, I look forward to the next day. Waiting for Aa to do something new, make a new face, try a new trick.

Aa, mommy looooooooooves you! Muah!

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