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Friday, 31 August 2012

Day 31 :: Living Today

My teacher once said " We never live in our present. We live either in our past or we worry about the future."

How true is that statement!

Just a while ago, I was feeling despondent that my life at mom's place is over. I was reminiscing my carefree life then. My mom allowed me to sleep till late in the morning. I totally miss that perk now. In fact, I need it badly. Those ready made cool coffee, hot breakfast and endless talks with mom - I miss them.

Just then a thought passed my mind, what if I'd I had never married? then probably I'd be dreaming about a married life and a family. And that's what I have now.

I may be close to thirty but I still crave for my parents. I have learnt to walk but I do look back once in a while to see my folks are still there to hold me if I fall.

Am I selfish? Because I despite my vulnerabilities, I do not want to go back to my old life. It is pretty paradoxical there.

So there, I am ruminating about the past. In all this time travelling, I ignored the fact that i spent a wonderful day today. Now I think about it!!!

Hoping to learn and live for today.

P.S. Blogathon's done for the year. :) :( will take some time off from the blog for now. I am not disappearing. Will be just round the block. See ya soon. ;)


  1. A great thought to end the blogathon with.
    Congrats, Purnima for completing yet another blogathon successfully. The kudos is also for the faith and determination shown, to fulfill the commitment to write every single day inspite of having a baby at home to manage (almost) all alone.
    Way to go!!!
    Come back soon...

  2. Just got around to reading all ur posts today...n totally loved them all.. :) congrats on completing blogathon2... way to go..

  3. when it comes to moms, no one really grows up. first time here!

    1. hey... sorry your comment went directly to spam! dunno why! Welcome here! :)

  4. @ Purnima

    Your blog is neat and nice! I was screening through old emials and found the link to your blog. Out of curiosity (to check if your blog is still active) I landed here and found that it's more than active! Good going. And yeah, congrats on being a mother now. Cheers!

    Ameya (

    1. Thanks, Ameya! It good to see you, albeit online! :)


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